A toolbox is not only a place for storing tools securely, but ultimately a collection of goods necessary to get a job done as smoothly and efficiently as possible. Unfortunately though, it’s true that not all toolboxes are made equal in terms of what goods they hold. Many people make the mistake of assembling their toolbox one tool at a time, and – while with the right knowledge this path is totally fine – unfortunately this often means many people’s toolboxes end up missing a great deal of goods. That’s why having an understanding of what essential tools should be in a toolbox is very important, so let’s look now at 10 essential tools for your toolbox.

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  1. Safety glasses


There’s a reason the saying ‘safety first’ is common. Safety glasses are an important inclusion into any toolbox given there will often be times when working where – even if the work being directly done with the tool isn’t a hazard – unfortunately elements in the surroundings such as dirt, dust, and other matter could pose a hazard if it makes its way into the eyes.


  1. Hammer


For inserting nails and removing them, no tool does this task so well as a hammer.


  1. Mallet


While a hammer is brilliant, there will be times where a broader surface face from a tool will be desirable to slam something into place. It’s here that a mallet can do the job very well.



  1. Spanner


For tightening and loosening all sorts of bolts a spanner can make the job easy.


  1. Drain inspection camera


As well as being useful for inspecting drains, these cameras can be utilised for inspecting other small areas where visibility with the human eye is limited.


  1. Set of Allen Keys


Alongside these tools, many people buying furniture and similar goods online for delivery to their home will often assemble such products with Allen keys – and then go on to lose them! It’s why having a set can be a real time-saver when dealing with any job which requires disassembling (and re-assembling) of an item.

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  1. Utility knife


The advantages a great utility knife brings should not be understated. They are exceptionally useful across a variety of jobs, whether it’s cutting open something, scraping something away, or another task altogether.


  1. Saw


Although a utility knife is outstanding in its own right, there will be times where a longer blade will be necessary. It’s here that a saw will be fantastic, and a small handsaw should be able to fit right in a toolbox to carry from job to job.


  1. A Flat Head screwdriver



There’s no disputing that having a screwdriver is a key inclusion in any toolkit. A flat head can assist with screws that have one single line cut across the face of the screw.

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  1. A Phillips Head screwdriver


Just as flat head screwdrivers are fantastic, phillips head screws – the kind with 4 straight cuts intersecting across the screw’s face like a cross – are also very common, and thus having a Phillips head screwdriver is an essential for every toolkit too.




Building a great toolbox that feels totally complete can take time. Yet unquestionably, starting off the journey by assembling a toolbox with essential inclusions can save a lot of time and hassle. It’s why these 10 tools serve as fantastic starting points when building the perfect toolbox, and accordingly should continue to enjoy use across all kinds of jobs regularly from one day to the next.

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