Honor is a very good smartphone brand in India, and the Honor 8 is one of their best phones! In this article we’re going to talk about why the Honor 8 is so good and what makes it amazing. Check out these 11 reasons why you should buy an Honor phone!


  1. Honor phones incorporate different features that make them stand out from other phones, such as a dual-camera system, fast fingerprint sensor and more. So whether you want to be stylish with your phone, a great display like Honor 10 display or want to upgrade for music quality on your device, the Honor has got you covered.
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  1. This incredibly affordable phone is a great mid-range device but with a massive offering of features for a phone in this price range. Even though Honor phones aren’t very well known, it’s incredibly hard to find a single feature that’s not done well on these devices.


  1. Honor makes relatively good looking phones and the Honor 8 is no exception. The design of it looks very good and we personally think that the Honor 8 is actually more stylish than the more famous iPhone 7! The two-tone colour treatment with unibody metal construction also furthers its overall design, as does the chamfered metal sides along with dual cameras.
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  1. The Honor 8’s dual-camera system is actually quite good, as I discovered in my Honor 8 review, and it does give you optical image stabilisation for better picture quality and other features such as the ability to change the focus point after you take a photo, which is really cool!


  1. The Honor 8 has arguably one of the best screens on a mobile device in this price range. It has an AMOLED panel which produces vibrant colours, deep blacks and great brightness levels. Displays, especially Honor 10 display can be also used to show pictures while your phone is in standby mode or when it’s charging!
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  1. Honor phones are powerful and the Honor 8 has the Kirin 950 SoC which boasts a total of four processor cores and is a powerful chipset for this price range. This means that your phone can run every application or game with ease so you don’t get any lag or stutter when playing games or using your phone for other tasks.


  1. Although the Honor 8 is not completely dust or water proof, it can sustain a splash of water, which means that it’s great if you drop your phone in the sink, on the floor at work or drop it during those summer rains. Even though I’m not saying you should intentionally test out this feature, it’s better than having nothing at all!
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  1. Honor phones come with a free camera grip which is a neat addition and many people have appreciated this. It’s just like a tripod that allows you to take stable photos while also letting you comfortably hold your Honor 8.


  1. The Honor 8 has a fast fingerprint sensor that’s located on the back of the phone, which is quite easy to reach for most users and it lets you unlock your phone in under a second. It’s also incredibly accurate so you don’t need to worry about it failing to recognise your print!


  1. This phone also has a good battery life and the Honor 8 has a 4000mAh battery in it, which is enough to last you two days if you’re not using your device heavily. The quick charge technology which comes on this phone means that it can be charged incredibly fast so you don’t have to worry about running out of battery when you’re just out and about!
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  1. Honor phones are made in China, which means that they have great manufacturing capabilities and the Honor 8 has an all-new unibody metal construction with chamfered metal sides, which is something we don’t normally see on smartphones in this price range.


In conclusion, the Honor 10 is a mobile device that will suit many uses especially due to its Honor 10 display, from being an amazing selfie-taking device to being a powerful workhorse for your smartphone-based business or as a gaming smartphone. So if you’re in the market for an affordable device with a large feature set that’s stylish, this is a phone for you!

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