If you’ve ever walked away from a slot machine like judi slot online and rtp live, you’re not alone. It’s not uncommon for people to place small bets at first and walk away when they start winning. But if you’re doing it too often, if the machine starts figuring out your patterns, or if it just feels like a bad idea all around, then it may be time to walk away from playing that slot machine with those wins.


This article provides ten signs that indicate that playing slots is no longer worth your time or effort. If any of these apply to you or someone close to you then maybe today would be a good day for quitting the slots in order to save money and have more free time in the future.

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  1. You walk away when you’re up (or even in the black).

It’s normal to walk away from a slot machine when you’re down, or even in the hole. After all, people can only lose on average 94 cents an hour playing slots. But if you’ve been walking away when you’re up then it means that you may be chasing continued wins that will never come. Eventually, your luck will turn and the casino will take your winnings back – and then some. It’s also important to remember that “up” is just a psychological number – it doesn’t have any real meaning. You could be up $500, $5,000 or even $50,000 and still wind up blowing it all like you’ll blow the extra payday that you found today.



  1. You think you can outlast the machine.

If you’ve ever placed a bet and then ignored a winning combination because you were trying to make it appear in order to extend your winnings then chances are good that your pattern has already been figured out by the casino slot machine software. It’s important to be aware of which games have auto-play features and which do not so that you can recognize when this is happening and walk away from slots if needed.


  1. You feel threatened by the casino staff.

People who feel threatened by casino staff are often the ones that believe that they’re taking their money from them in some way. And if you’ve ever felt intimidated by the security staff at a slot machine, then it may be time to consider quitting gambling if possible.

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  1. You think about slots when you’re not playing them.

If you find yourself thinking about slot machines when you’re not playing them then it means that your mind is stuck on gambling and that this isn’t a good sign for your future. The most successful gamblers are those who can walk away from slots while they’re ahead and don’t continue to feed their addiction in any way. 5. You wish you could always win.

There’s a reason why casinos offer free comps and other services to high rollers – they want those players to keep playing. If you find yourself wishing that you could always win, then it may be time to start questioning the wisdom of your actions and reevaluate your goals in life. Can’t you get more satisfaction from life without gambling?

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  1. You’re getting angry at slots for not paying off.

This is a sure sign that the casino has figured out your strategy. You’ll notice this if you get angry with slots when they don’t pay off, and you’ll need to rethink your approach to winning at slots until you’ve figured out a better strategy.


  1. You’re making more money.

Gambling is a numbers game – while one person may win one time another player can win the same exact prize on another day when they have far more luck than expected. It’s possible that you’re picking up a lot of winnings from slots, but the fact that you’re making more money suggests that the casino is already starting to figure out how to beat your pattern.

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  1. You’ll never get ahead playing slots.

It’s not unusual for people who are new to gambling to consider slots a good way to make money and use them as a stepping stone towards other opportunities in life. If you’ve been playing slots for months or even longer and still can’t see yourself getting ahead there then it may be time to consider whether it’s really worth your time. Are you really winning here, or is the casino just having way too much fun ruining your mini-vacations?


  1. You’re not winning.

Winning at slots is a matter of chance, and your luck will eventually run out. If you find yourself losing all the time then it may be a sign that the casino software has already cracked the code to your pattern – or that there isn’t one to crack at all. It’s also wise to understand how gambling works in order to avoid making mistakes that can cost you money.

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  1. You’re not having fun anymore.

If you’re no longer having fun while gambling, then it’s probably time to quit casinos and find another hobby that makes you happy instead of wasting away your free time and blowing extra cash unnecessarily on slots and other games of chance. If you’ve already spent the night at a casino, then don’t even think about going back.


  1. You’re thinking about getting a second job.

If you’ve become so obsessed with winning at slots that you’ve decided to get a job as a slot machine technician or have been doing research on how to become a gaming engineer then this may be the time to quit for good. It may not be possible for you to win enough money playing slots (or any other game) and be happy at the same time, and sometimes the only way to survive such a vicious gambling habit is to cut it out once and for all.

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The bottom line here is that there are many signs that you need to consider before taking your gambling too seriously. And you’ll also have to remember that no one is forcing you to be a gambler – if you’re not having fun, then it’s time to stop before your losses get out of hand and cause problems later on.

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