Are you contemplating using personalized pop-up tents for your next outdoor event? According to an article published in Forbes, the aim of outdoor advertising is to pique customer attention and generate earnings. Whether it is your corporate event, fair, trade show, or festive season, pop-up tents with custom logos and colors will make your business stand out from the rest.

These pop-up tents are not only beneficial for promoting your brand but also provide shade from heat and rain as they are used for outdoor events. Available in a range of colors, shapes, sizes, and types, you can use these tents to advertise your products or services. Here are the three essential features to look for in them:

  1. Size is Important
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Make a note of a pop-up tent to figure out how many products and visitors it can accommodate. You need to choose customized tents depending on your business purpose. If you have fewer products to sell, small tents are the best. These products are also affordable, portable, and simple to store.

If you need larger outdoor tents, choose bigger sizes for additional cover. However, these items will cost you more than small-sized tents. The commonly used size is 10 inches by 10 inches. You may also consider 10 inches by 15 inches or 10 inches by 20 inches.

The height of advertising tents is essential for you to consider. That’s because tall people will find it uncomfortable if the height is imprecise.

  1. Quality of the Fabric
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Make sure you choose a custom pop up tent that has the best quality fabric. You may find it a bit expensive but worth the investment for long-term use. The majority of such tents are made of polyester or vinyl; however, the former is of better quality and heavy-duty.

Opt for coated polyester material as it blocks damaging UV rays. The fabric is also durable and does not tear or fade soon. Moreover, a polyester coating is also popular as it is fire-rated, flexible, and wrinkle-resistant. Polyester is also ideal for printing your brand logo and multi-color graphics.

  1. Frame

When you are into outdoor advertising, the pop-tent should have the ability to withstand strong winds. That is why you need to choose first-rate and best-quality frames. The polyester pop-up tent should not bend easily due to high winds.

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Look for aluminum and steel frames for your pop-up tent for outdoor advertising. Steel is heavy and easy on your budget. However, the material is also prone to rust. Therefore, you can choose high-quality aluminum that does not rust quickly.

The majority of pop-up tents come with square legs measuring 1.25 inches. These are perfect for regions having calm weather. Then, if you are advertising in an area prone to strong winds, choose a minimum of 1.75 inches frames. The material is heavy-duty and more durable due to a bigger diameter and thick legs


Consider these key features when looking for pop-up tents for your outdoor event. Choose high-quality and durable materials that last for a long time.

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