The technological world dictates new rules. Many professions might disappear. Some news might appear. Though some professions will be needed all the time. One such sphere is gaming and gambling. We love to chill and rest, especially when we forget about our daily routine. Anytime you get bored, you can always play and rest with Vave. Play fair and have fun! We are going to talk about topics where your imagination can be used at its maximum level.


Startups related to food are based on industrial numbers. Every year their number is only growing. The global market for food tech services will reach $300 billion by 2027, growing by more than 20% per year.

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Today, the hottest vector is the creation of related infrastructure for the food industry. So, during the pandemic, a huge number of startups appeared that were inspired by the successful companies and entered the market with fast delivery in 15 minutes.

The opportunity is still open and it makes sense to continue moving in that direction. Most countries in the world have not developed modern food delivery services. This is a huge untapped market, where there is room for both large and small projects.

Whizz, which rents electric bikes to couriers, recently raised $3.4 million from the Joint Journey investment fund, TMT Investments, and a group of business angels.

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And the logistics project YallaHub, founded by the Russians in Dubai, and through which, sells products on the Arab market, attracted $600,000 from the Regolith international financial ecosystem.


Ilya Strebulaev, professor at Stanford and the Graduate School of Business, one of the authors of the New Economics for Venture Investors (NEIC) course, said that in 15 years, biotechnology and medicine will go so far ahead that the average life expectancy of 80-100 years will become absolutely normal.

Such forecasts should be treated with the caveat that this is the average temperature in the hospital, but technology in medicine is developing at an extraordinary speed anyway. No one is surprised that it is now possible to change the human genome.

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Significant progress has been made in diagnostics at the molecular level. It is expected that by 2025 the total global biotechnology market will be $742 billion, and the annual growth rate of the global healthcare technology market will be at least 5%.

Latest Neurolink developments show that in the near future, we might get the microchips to our brains. And we will become terminators from the human world.

A Good Sleep

It would be ideal for everyone to fall asleep for a strictly defined amount of time. Because for balance, the body must have time to fully recover and at the same time remain within the correct biorhythm. Mental health is almost equal to physical health and vice versa – it works both ways.

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The theme of good sleep is virtually inexhaustible, the market will accommodate hundreds and even thousands of startups in this area. In particular, founders around the world are developing so-called calm services, helping people to establish the right night’s rest.


We have all witnessed how social networks and the blogosphere began to draw on themselves advertising flows that previously went only to traditional media.

And now the industry is already discussing the decline of the new media. It is being replaced by an iteration of the Internet Web 3.0, which allows communities on the network to independently choose new opinion leaders and financially encourage content authors.

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In 2022, the move-to-earn trend appeared, which allows you to earn money not only by communicating and sharing interesting content but also by doing various activities that the community needs.

Obviously, in the future, organized user communities will take over content management and distribution. In the next three to five years, this concept will be actively implemented. The agenda will move to communities, and this is understandable since vertical structures are lagging behind in providing people with the necessary information.


The first dating sites appeared back in 1965. Today in the world there are 8 thousand different online dating services and more than 320 million of their users. The total global market is $2.8 billion.

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Tinder’s revenue is the first in the industry in terms of earnings of $ 1.8 billion a year. The size of the market allows you to fit a lot of unicorn players into it. Therefore, projects related to love and relationships will be in demand and can significantly increase the capitalization of this business.

The improvement of artificial intelligence technology will lead to the fact. We will soon see a new stage in the evolution of software products that allow people to develop relationships.


Wherever a startup focuses its efforts, be it in the field of food, sleep, health, communication, or relationships, in any economic conditions it will be able to develop. Satisfaction of basic human needs is not a fashion. It is an interest that arises and disappears quickly enough during periods of crisis.

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