RAM trucks are essential for different kinds of businesses like construction and delivery. Some models of this vehicle are a bit pricier than the average ones, but they also offer durability and can be used for a variety of different purposes. So today, you can get such a truck with a personalized design or logo added to it. And these trucks can easily carry or tow heavy loads.


It’s best to look into new RAM trucks for sale. And if you wish to buy a pre-owned one, you should buy it from a certified pre-owned dealer whose technicians handpick these vehicles to ensure that you and all other passengers will be safe driving down the road and get a great value for your money. So, below are some considerations for purchasing a new RAM truck.

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1.    Know the Difference between RAM 1500, 2500, and 3500

It’s essential to determine which truck is RAM 2500, 1500, or 3500. And to find it more precisely, you must physically visit a dealer and look at them.


RAM 1500 is lightweight, durable, and powerful, RAM 2500 is a three-quarter-ton heavy-duty truck, and RAM 3500 is a one-ton heavy-duty truck. You can find RAM 1500 in a huge arrangement of trims, packages, options, and power trains. Besides, you can find new RAM trucks for sale, like RAM 1500, with an assortment of robust engines with 3.6-liter Pentastar, 305-horsepower, and 395-horsepower, 5.7-litre Hemi VB. The engines are built on eTorque mild hybrid technology that imparts additional efficiency and torque. As such, the models can tow around 12,750 pounds when they are appropriately equipped.

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RAM 3500 has dual rear wheels, which enhances its towing capacity. And both RAM 2500 and 3500 are built to provide the basic Tradesman trim and sophisticated Limited trim.


2.    Invest Appropriately

You may not be purchasing a RAM truck for luxury needs. However, you still should ready yourself to invest in luxury-level prices. A brand-new RAM truck is a heavy-duty vehicle, and hence its price is usually higher than a car used for city driving. But the higher cost of a RAM truck is justified by its superior engine and off-roading capacity. It enables the driver to go to remote places without paved roads, while it also has a better carrying capacity. Meanwhile, the more you use the truck for work purposes and the more your need to tow, the more you’ll benefit by investing in a RAM truck that offers greater performance and durability.

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So if your job demands serious performance, consider RAM 1500. As such, it will be turning long hauls and towing bulky equipment effortlessly. And for exceptional towing capacity, you can never go wrong with RAM 3500. The Cummins turbo-diesel engine can put up 35,100 pounds.


3.    Know the Cargo

It’s the most significant factor in finding the size of RAM pickup truck you need. For instance, if you haul many tools, materials, or goods, you must look into RAM 1500 Big Horn. In contrast, if you primarily use trucks for recreational purposes and desire great off-roading capacity, consider RAM 1500 Sport. It is more about driving performance and is not designed to be a workhorse.

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4.    Consider the Size

The size of the truck is another factor to consider. You should look at the number of passengers you require to transport and how much you will be hauling in the bed. Meanwhile, these two factors alter as per the model. However, if there’s one thing you don’t need to be concerned much about with RAM trucks is the cabin quality, since all of them are big, spacious, and have premium features.


5.    Choose a Reliable Dealership

It’s important to choose a reliable dealership because it’s only in such a place that you’ll get the advice of skilled staff and a wide range of trucks to choose from. You can use the guidance of the team to solve your business problems, and the specially trained technicians will be able to give you good advice on handling powerful and large commercial trucks. Note that only a few dealerships are fully certified to handle commercial vehicles, and they can keep your vehicle working with less downtime. Some dealerships can also handle maintenance on a truck fleet. They also help you find various vehicles when you begin a business.

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RAM trucks are pretty dependable, strong, and versatile. So when you choose the right one as per your needs, it will be a great investment.

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