Unlike their parents and grandparents, the Gen Zs that have grown up in post-digital era have been influenced by an environment where they used technology to overcome obstacles, to learn new skills, to be more productive and become more competitive. This has also changed the way work life is evolving. They are more comfortable being on stand-up desks than sitting down all day long. The proof: adjustable standing desk has risen in popularity among people aged 16 and upwards.


These 8 reasons why adjustable standing desks are so popular among the Gen Zs are:


  1. They help with concentration

Ever noticed that your colleagues or friends look much more presentable when they are wearing glasses or with a smart watch on their wrist while they’re working? Well, distraction is the most common reason why people have trouble concentrating at work. Being able to switch to stand-up desks is one of the many ways to reduce this risk, and thus improve your productivity.

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  1. They make you more creative

Back in the 40s and 50s, students were able to score higher on their exams when they were allowed to use a stand-up desk instead of a regular one. Can you believe that? A stand-up desk was found to be 10 percent more effective than just sitting down. Also, it improved their test scores by averagely 5 percent. So if you want to be as productive as possible and come up with an innovative idea or the next big thing, then why not try standing up at work?


  1. They improve your posture

A study conducted by researchers from the University of Sussex found that stand-up desks helped people avoid the negative effects of sitting all day. They also improved their posture and the angle at which they are sitting, meaning that it could have a positive effect on their general health. Why not try standing up for an hour a day to improve your posture?

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  1. Reduced eye strain

Those who sit down all day are more likely to develop eye strain, which can be especially harmful for young people who spend long hours staring at computer screens. Stand-up desks allow you to work in a different way, making you more productive and reducing the chances of developing headaches or blurred eyesight.


  1. They help you handle stress

A study found that young people who spent 3 hours a day at work were less likely to be stressed. The research was conducted by researchers at Carnegie Mellon University and showed that not only did people experience less stress sticking to this time limit, but they also felt less fatigue at the end of the day. So, if you want to be able to withstand a long stressful day at work without falling asleep or losing your temper, then why not try standing up for an hour each morning?

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  1. They’re easier on your back

When you stand up all day long, your back will be able to move naturally and not as much strain will be put on it. Also, you’ll be more comfortable, and less likely to develop back problems in the future.


  1. They help you get more done each day

We all know that we need to work smarter and not harder, but sometimes we tend to work really hard which means we’re forming bad habits that can affect our productivity at work. By working efficiently, you are able to do more in less time which means that you’ll be able to finish tasks a lot quicker, meaning you have time to take a break or spend with your family.

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In conclusion, apart from good quality ergonomic office chair, adjustable standing desks are one of the many different alternatives to sit down desks out there today. By standing up, you can work more efficiently as well as being able to get more done in a day. Do you know any other reasons why people are starting to adopt them? If so, then let us know in the comments!



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