One of the most important considerations when starting a corporate podcast is choosing the best podcast hosting network. It greatly determines the podcast’s success and might seem complicated since most hosting sites offer similar services.

We recommend checking this site – to get a fundamental idea of what an ideal podcasting host should look like.

Ready to learn more? Keep scrolling through this guide as we list some basic tips for choosing a hosting network for your internal communications podcast.

The benefit of podcast hosting networks

When you record an internal company podcast or another form of corporate podcast, you’ll need a platform to upload it – and that’s the podcast hosting site.

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Upon uploading, the hosting platform generates an RSS feed containing the complete details of the published podcast episode. The RSS feed is then forwarded to popular directories for listeners to view and download.

Why do you need the best podcast hosting network?

Not every podcaster understands how their podcasting host impacts the podcast’s success. While you may know how to start an internal company podcast, it’s often not enough without an excellent podcast hosting network.

The next section addresses the important points when picking a host for your internal company podcast.



How to choose the best podcast hosting network?

Whether you are using podcasts in large companies for communications or a developing brand, here are the important points for determining the best podcast host. Go through them and carefully compare them against your list of podcast hosting services.

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1.   Confirm the storage limits

Having internal communications podcast ideas that cannot be uploaded because of limited space is more frustrating. Even when the host service offers fascinating features, inadequate space is enough reason to go for an alternative podcasting host.

Every podcaster needs that freedom to decide the duration of episodes, frequency of uploads and stereo format of their corporate podcasts. The leading podcasting networks like Podbean know this.

So, what should you do? Estimate the time and stereo storage for approximately recording each internal employee podcast episode. It’s better to verify the storage limits before starting a corporate podcast.

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2.   Check your budget

Setting up an internal podcast for employees should be relatively inexpensive. We agree some more expensive subscription plans might come with additional features. However, it must be a cost-effective one.

Verify that the podcast hosting network’s features are adequate for your target listener size. Some hosting websites even offer free subscription starter plans for podcasters to familiarize themselves with the podcasting application.

This is great, considering that you will eventually only be paying for what you need. We also recommend podcasting sites with monetization support to earn while using podcasts in large companies for communications.

3.   Easy user interface

If you know how to make a company internal podcast, you’d agree that hosting platforms with the easiest interface work best. Nobody wants to waste valuable business time to set up a podcasting app or start watching different tutorials on how to launch an internal company podcast using the software.

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A simple interface should take less than 5 minutes to set up. It helps when making an internal podcast for employees since they can navigate the software for inter-department series. Otherwise, employees experience issues when listening to uploaded internal communications podcasts. That’s another advantage of the best podcast hosting network with free starter plans. You can try out the interface before committing yourself to the podcasting host.

4.   Easy website integration

Using podcasts in large companies for communications usually involves having a podcasting web page. Although it is not compulsory, having one enhances your visibility on Google. That explains why some hosting networks offer free podcasting websites.

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You can also decide to have an independent site, especially if you care about professionalism and branding. Just ensure your podcast hosting network provides seamless web integrations.

That also includes embedded media player support that helps employees download internal communications podcasts from the page.

5.   Check for the audience analytics feature

The provision of audience analytics is another feature that determines the best podcast hosting service. When creating an internal employee podcast, you want to be sure they engage with the uploaded content.

That’s the benefit of podcast analytics. It helps discover your audience’s behavior through performance metrics like the number of downloads per month, number of subscribers, most viewed podcasting episodes, web traffic sources, etc.

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Those analytics help important podcasting decisions since you can better predict what interests the audience. You will also learn how to make a company internal podcast that offers high engagement as you go.

6.   Content repurposing

Before starting a corporate podcast with a hosting platform, be sure it allows content repurposing. That means the right to reuse your corporate podcast ideas or redirect them to another website. Unfortunately, not all podcast hosting networks allow that, so you must verify before subscribing to one.

An excellent hosting service should offer you full ownership of the internal communications podcast ideas. It must also have terms and conditions that explicitly restrict the host from reusing your content. That means unlimited freedom for the podcaster to reuse content on YouTube or the company’s social media channels.

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7.   Availability of tech support options

Remember when we talked about a good podcast host having a simple user interface? While that is important, the best podcasting network should also have good tech support.

It is essential, especially when using podcasts in large companies for communications. An unexpected or rare issue might come up, so having a support agent would be appreciated.

Most hosting platforms offer customer support services such as email, live chat, or phone support. However, understand that phone support might cost some extra bucks. Select a hosting provider based on your most preferred podcasting host support options.


Choosing the best podcast hosting network is important if you already know how to create a private podcast. We know hundreds of hosting options are out there, so we wrote this guide.

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Start by listing out your podcasting host alternatives. Check out their available features and compare them against the ones we listed.










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