We are in a race to match the latest fashion trends. But we have ignored the harm that we are giving to the environment. Fortunately, awareness among people is increasing with time.

Consumers now understood the importance of protecting the environment while consuming sustainable products.

For this reason, brands strove to create more sustainable products. But the thing to consider is, are sustainable brands actually eco-friendly?

Environment Friendly and Sustainable Brands

There are various approaches to answering this question. Plus, there is no specific definition of eco-friendly brand operations. That’s obvious because different brands operate in different ways.

For example, a brand opts to use lab-created diamonds instead of blasting the mines. This prevents them from affecting the landscape.

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So, such brands advertise it as a step towards eco-friendliness. Likewise, other brands promote different aspects that contribute to eco-friendly procedures.

The Manufacturing Processes

The manufacturing process varies depending on the nature of the product. But, it is the critical stage that defines the eco-friendliness of a brand.

For a brand to prove itself as an eco-friendly option, it must rely on renewable resources. This simply means that none of the manufacturing steps should cause harm to nature. A prominent example is lab created diamonds.

Suppose you have to buy jewelry, such as:

  • Wedding sets
  • Earring studs
  • Bracelets
  • Diamond rings, etc.

What type of material will you prefer for such a special day? Well, most of us will answer “diamond”. This is the reason why diamonds are so valuable and expensive too.

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Not everyone can indeed afford to pay for diamond jewelry. But, lab-grown diamonds are an affordable option. They are cheaper than mined diamonds.

The only difference between the two diamond types is their origins.

Natural Diamonds

The natural diamond rests on the earth’s surface for between one billion to three billion years. The process starts with carbon dioxide. It burns roughly 100 miles beneath the earth’s surface. The volcanic explosions transport diamonds to the earth’s surface.

Lab Created Diamonds

Lab created diamonds replicate this natural process. A replicated condition of high-pressure high temperature creates chemical vapor deposition.

The high-pressure high temperature process begins with a diamond seed placed in carbon. The chemical reaction melts the carbon and forms a diamond around the starter seed. Afterward, it cools down, producing a pure carbon diamond.

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Lab-grown diamonds are also known as synthetic diamonds. A brand that creates them always promotes itself as being sustainable and eco-friendly.

Do Sustainable Brands Feel Real?

A straightforward answer is, “Yes”. But you must be more concerned about how they do it.

Take vegan brands, for instance. You can find vegan alternatives for traditional footwear. And you must have tried one or two pairs already.

And you’d agree that there would be no difference between the quality of traditional and vegan shoes. The only difference you may feel would be in the pricing.

Because of the renewable sources, these shoes are slightly expensive. But this is not always the case. There are examples where eco-friendly processes make the end products a lot cheaper.

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For example, lab-grown diamonds feel like real diamonds. They follow synthetic processes, and for a good reason. They’re not extracted from the mines created by destroying the landscape.

Companies create lab-grown diamonds inside the lab using cutting-edge technology. They copy the natural process of growing diamonds. The results are the creation of diamonds that are the same as ones grown beneath the earth’s surface.

Besides being cheaper, lab-grown diamonds also have guarantee certificates from the manufacturer. They have the same sturdiness and quality standards.

So, there are no chances that you will end up buying fake diamonds.

Usability of Sustainable Products

You can use sustainable products like any other product. For instance, lab-created diamonds are the same as original diamonds. so, you can use them in diamond jewelry without doubting their originality.

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Lab-grown diamonds make engagement rings. They are also used in tennis bracelets and pendants. They make every wedding precious and memorable.

You can use all sustainable brands to please your needs. Even more, it’s better to choose them over products made after exploiting the earth’s resources.

Benefits of Choosing Sustainable Brands

In most cases, sustainable brands manufacture the product at a lower cost. The lab-created diamond is a prominent example of low-cost original products.

  • Unlike natural diamonds, lab-grown diamonds don’t need heavy machinery or transportation.
  • The process is quicker than the natural one.
  • No chances of delays in delivery or production, unlike natural diamond extraction
  • Synthetic diamond-making is cost-effective and safer. It doesn’t cause damage to the landscape or increase pollution.
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Because of the low manufacturing cost, lab-grown alternatives are 30 to 40% cheaper.


This was all about eco-friendly brands and now you are more aware of what makes them eco-friendly. As a responsible consumer, you must consume products that do not affect nature.

You can play your part by choosing brands that are sustainable and eco-friendly. So, make your memories special while showing your consciousness towards the environment.

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