Gaming is an expensive hobby. Home consoles cost $400 to 500, PC games can be as much as a thousand dollars, and you’ll have to fork out for the games themselves, and that’s before you even begin to get started with DLC content.

The prices of hobbies like gaming are skyrocketing due in part to their growing popularity but also because they’re complex enough that only skilled programmers can create new content.

However, Drift Hunters 2 has changed the game, bringing an incredible free drifting experience within the convenience of your internet browser.

Drift Hunters 2 is so immersive that it feels like you’re in the drivers seat. With no installation required, this free online drifting simulator removes any barrier between yourself and your dream of being a pro race car driver!

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Thanks to Unity foundations, the game can be played from any web browser with excellent performance. If you find that the game is running at a lower frame rate than you would like, you can change the quality settings to low, medium, or high to balance between fidelity and performance.

However, since the game has been well-refined for playing on even entry-level Chromebooks, we wouldn’t expect you to need to make too many adjustments. It works perfectly right out of the box.

Once you have loaded the game, you are presented with a main menu. This will show you different options for playing the game. You will also start with a car- a Toyota Corolla AE86.

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You can start learning the games’ controls from the main menu. You can also look at the 25 cars that you can unlock and upgrade, or explore the many different ways to customize your car – the optons are almost limitless!

This is what makes Drift Hunters different from other free online games. You can choose between two different menus: the ‘Visuals’ menu and the ‘Tuning’ menu.

You can change the look of your car by choosing different colors for the body and the wheels. You can also choose how shiny or dull the paint will be. This way, even if you have the same car as your friends, it will look different because you chose different colors and finishes.

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You can change your car’s performance by going into the “Tuning” menu. Here, you can change your car’s camber, brake pressure, offsets, brake balance and height. This will help make your car drift the way you want it to.

Now that your car is painted and customized, you can go to one of the many tracks in the game. In these tracks, you will learn how to use the game’s simple controls to your advantage.

A word of caution – the game is realistic, so if you don’t use the controls correctly, you will crash into walls – nobody wants that to happen!

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There are a lot of great video games out there that cost a lot of money. But there are also some great free games that people don’t always know about. Drift Hunters is one of those games. It is a browser game that is just as much fun as any other Triple-A racing game.

And, the best thing about it is that you can enjoy it wherever you are.

One thing that is missing from the game is a cloud-saving functionality, and thankfully, the latest game in the series, Drift Hunters MAX, now brings this to reality!


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