An embedded system is built to fulfil a single function with real-time applications. Simple devices such as microwaves, calculators, and TV remote controls, as well as more complex devices like neighbourhood traffic control and home security devices, use embedded systems. Many skilled and creative individuals can take advantage of simple embedded systems and transform them into a more integrated system for controlling other devices.


As a result, many electrical engineering students nowadays are displaying a strong desire to advance their practical understanding of embedded systems at an early stage by completing Embedded system projects in their college or university life’s final year. In general, it is seen that students choose projects based on the PIC Microcontroller or the 8051 Microcontroller since they serve as a solid reference for their final year ECE projects.

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In this informative blog post, we have compiled a selection of the latest and greatest embedded system projects for ECE 2022 automotive c programming that final-year students can take a look at for inspiration.

Listed below are some of the projects that electrical/electronics engineering students can consider taking up:


  • Embedded Web Technology in Traffic Tracking System


The primary goal of this project is to develop hardware and software that can streamline audio data via USB 2.0. This project is based on XMOS and USB 2.0. This USB audio solution features high-speed USB 2.0 with 480mb/s audio data transfer and 24-bit audio. A sampling frequency of around 192 kHz is received, along with 2-40 audio channels. The incredibly adaptable XMOS machines let you tailor your solution to the exact merger of digital procedures and interfaces for your final product.

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  • Underground Wire Fault Distance Locator


Underground wires will be less visible and have a lower environmental effect. Telephone, Internet, and electricity cables run underground. This project’s goal is to create fall detection for subterranean wires. The distance between the defective site and the base station will be measured using this system. The owner’s LCD will then be shown. The operation will be controlled by a microcontroller and will be based on Ohm’s law.


  • Transient Controls for Home Appliances


The main goal of this transients Control project is to design a device that can control the transients that occur in household applications. This transient control project uses a microcontroller and an embedded system. The system’s main component is a microcontroller. This system operates based on the commands entered. This transient Control project, which is programmed into a microcontroller, employs the programming language “C.”Thus, students having knowledge and understanding of Automotive C Programming language can take up this project for their final year.

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  • Mobile-Controlled SCADA for Industries


The goal of this project is to create a system that maintains control over the operation of several industrial machines at the same time, and mobile is utilised to ease remote usage of the equipment. The mobile-controlled SCADA project will include components such as a smoke sensor, microcontroller, mobile, buzzer, GSM, and temperature sensor to manage the boiler and packing divisions.

Wrapping Up

Project-based learning has the potential to broaden your skill set and boost your chances of being employed. Take an embedded systems course to learn how to work on an embedded system project on your own.

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