Sometimes you don’t have the resources even for the usual tasks, which only yesterday you performed in minutes. You don’t want to get out of bed in the morning, not just work. As a result: productivity is at zero, there is no personal life and communication, every action is through force, tasks are performed with errors, and even while playing at Cookie Casino, you cannot relax completely. This is a normal reaction to anxiety and stress. But you can and should fight it.

What to Do in Conditions of Instability

Set Goals and Write a To-do List

It’s trivial and sometimes tedious, but it helps a lot. This is a kick for those who have suddenly become unorganized and lazy. Half of the things you don’t remember, so you lose sight of them. Make it a rule to record important things in a notebook or phone notes – do it at the beginning of each day. This will reduce the anxiety that can arise from fear of forgetting something important.

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Give Yourself a Break Between Tasks

Even if it’s routine or uncomplicated work, switch your attention for at least 5 minutes. This will help you regain energy. Do this not from time to time, but regularly.

Remember About Proper Rest

Take a day off, and it should be a real day off, not a job from home. Don’t chase the money and don’t take on extra projects if you feel your strength is at zero. They are a valuable resource that requires regular replenishment. Rest should be regular and of high quality. Do something that makes you feel good: go out with friends, go camping or clubbing, travel. Sometimes even a trivial book reading can help you get into a resourceful state.

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Separate Work Into Those That Can Be Done in a Moment of Decline and Those That Require Activity

Even during the day, productivity is different, so it’s better to record changes in your state in advance and pick up work depending on it. There’s probably something on the task list that doesn’t require a lot of effort and concentration – save that option for the hours when your energy is at zero.

Consider What to Do if Your Condition Worsens

Constant stress causes you to get overwhelmed by what’s going on, not even because of the loss of energy, but because of the constant thoughts about it and the level of anxiety that goes off the charts. Don’t try to fight it, just think: what will you do if your worst fears are confirmed and things get really bad.

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Don’t Be Angry at Yourself

A person can not always be at peak performance, treat yourself more tolerantly, with understanding. Take care and meet all your needs – sleep more, eat better, rest. Give yourself a break at least for a while, don’t force yourself to work when you understand that this is not trivial laziness. Then you will quickly cope at all, when you recover.

The Basics of Productivity: How to Get Involved

What lies behind what is considered laziness? Why exactly don’t you want to do something? Why are you looking for a reason to procrastinate? The answer comes down to two reasons – lack of motivation and internal block.

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In the first case, you simply lack the motivation to take the first step. You just need to take the time and try to realize what you will get if you start doing the task. Its important to awaken a sincere interest and desire in yourself. Otherwise, nothing will work out.


In the second case, something inside you resists doing the work. Even if it’s important, and you are aware of this. At the mere thought that you have to start doing the task, you’re in a bad mood and lose heart. To overcome this, you need to do the following steps:

  • Analyze past experiences. Block is associated with a traumatic memory, which may not be at first too obvious. For example, you cannot stand Christmas. Probably something happened in your childhood that forever changed your attitude toward the holiday. Try to remember what the cause is, and work through the situation. There are many techniques by which this can be done.
  • Prepare to work. Tune in, motivate yourself. Imagine what good will come from the completed case, how it will change your life. Give yourself a deadline for implementation and mentally prepare. And then – off you go!
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How to Stay Productive if You’re Exhausted

Just adjust your outlook and approach to work enough to give you the strength and desire to move mountains. To do this:

  • Work on your mindset. The very word “productivity” probably scares you. It often evokes the dreaded association of working from dawn to dawn, lack of sleep and lack of rest. Man appears as a robot who has no desires or needs, instead going straight to his goal. But it isn’t so. Don’t associate the word with endless work. It’s the time and energy you devote to office or household chores. And it also applies to leisure time: sleep and proper nutrition need to be productive, too. Even more – if this approach doesn’t work for you, try not to focus on the terms at all. Just try to take care of yourself, there should be a place in your life for both work and laziness. Goals are achieved only by those who are in good shape. And for that, it’s worth taking the time to take care of yourself.
  • Speaking of grooming. Few people understand its necessity. And actually this is the basis of life. And it’s not just a trip to the spa or vacation five times a year. It’s also about everyday life. Think about what you lack to feel that your life is full, productive and interesting. If you feel tired, reevaluate your priorities – put yourself first, and then work. This will help you cope with physical and psychological fatigue and quickly enter a resourceful state. Many people find morning meditation helpful. They require literally 15 minutes and may become part of the usual routine, but the effect of them is noticeable in just a week. The main thing is to accept the fact that sudden stresses will occur constantly, you won’t be able to influence it. But on your attitude to them – it’s quite an achievable task.
  • Adjust your to-do list. Already tired, and you still have a lot to do? Revise your task list in terms of priorities. Each day (or week) choose a few important tasks and break them down into smaller subtasks. That way your list gets bigger, but you’ll be able to organize them and figure out what you need to be more productive. And it will also be easy for you to keep track of your progress – if you cross off what has already been completed. The list will be adjusted in the course of your work – that’s fine, and it should be taken into account. But you’ll still be in control and remain aware of what you have to do. That means it won’t increase your anxiety, and you’ll be able to cope with everything easily.
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