Being looked upon as an authority is what it means to run a successful YouTube tech channel. Little do you know that successful YouTube influencers bring in millions of dollars in a year! Fame and money both overflow if someone has been around video content creation for a long time strategically.

Every time someone wants a great review of your niche, their mind should automatically crave your video! You want them to think of only you and your YouTube channel. People trust Sony and Canon to sell them great cameras because they know they perform well. You want the audience to trust you and your channel to provide them with content that’s both informative and entertaining. Before jumping so far, let’s get our basics cleared firstly!

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How To Make A YouTube Video?

Let’s look at the steps and get an idea of how to make a YouTube video:

  1. Research extensively: Get your basics cleared on the particular topic on which you will be making the video.
  2. Plan your video to script well: Make the script beforehand to be on the safer side and not fumble while shooting videos.
  3. Ready equipment to set the stage: Get all the cameras, mics, and lights set up, and get a studio-ready look to your room.
  4. Prepare yourself and hit the record button: Make yourself feel comfortable before sitting in front of the camera, take deep breaths, and revise the script once more before hitting the record button.
  5. Edit with a video maker: Get a video maker software to edit videos before uploading them to YouTube in front of millions of people.
  6. Create catchy thumbnails and titles: Catchy titles and thumbnails will help get better results in SEO and CTR, respectively. Don’t know what SEO and CTR are? Hold on a bit. We’ll discuss it knowledgeably!
  7. Press the upload button: Congratulations! You got your video uploaded to YouTube.
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With enough basic knowledge, it’s time to jump into the depth of understanding of growing your YouTube channel in the technology domain?

  • Study your audience: A crucial step that most YouTubers lack. Keeping a check on your audience and taking time to understand who they are and from where tells you about them and gives you an idea of what content they want! Head on to your YouTube studio and check out the demographics! Brainstorm in ideating which content will create the most impact. The more research you do about your audience, the more clarity you get about your process of growing on YouTube. Review products they would love to use, or create content that provides or adds value to their lives.
  • Stay updated with the trends: If you want yourself to be looked upon as an authority, you have to remain updated about the latest trends and the up-to-date launched products in your niche! Nobody wants to watch a YouTuber that speaks of something released years ago. If you want to dominate your niche, you have to remain updated about the recent technology changes and the latest trends in tech! Creating proper videos targeting the trend will allow tremendous reach. YouTube’s trending section can give you an idea of the latest trends, and after taking inspiration from those videos, you can get on to create your unique trending tech video!
  • Regularity and consistency play a key role: All your marketing strategies and demographic studies will not help if you can not upload videos regularly. Keep a particular fixed day or days to upload a video. Ensure to write those days on your channel banner and other social media handles and properly channelize them. This will keep the audience in anticipation about when they will get a video from you, and you, too, will be motivated to create content as promised to your audience.
  • Play smart with the title and the thumbnail: The video title and thumbnail play an essential role in bringing your audience to your channel. Even before a viewer watches the video, they see the video thumbnail and title. So, invest in creating them well, as they attract viewers to videos! It doesn’t matter how beautiful your whole video is. You will not get the desired click if your thumbnail and title are not up to the mark. Moreover, your video title and thumbnail affect SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and CTR (Click-Through-Rate). If you take the time to search which title will give the best optimization results, your videos can even rank on the search engines!
  • Be unique and don’t just go with the flow: Your content should have some “X-Factor”! There are millions of new videos available on YouTube every day. So, give your audience a reason for “why watch you?”. Every big channel on YouTube has an X-factor in them. Consider “Casey Neistat”, his X factor was his cinematography and daily vlogging; consider “Mr. Beast”, his unique challenges and reaction videos make him unique!
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Wrapping up

Make sure to keep these steps and tips in mind. They will indeed be helping you out in making your YouTube tech channel an authorized brand in your selected niche! Keep in mind to create videos that the audience will enjoy watching and create content from their perspective. Make sure to value your audience as everyone matters, don’t consider them as just numbers, but rather look at them as your community! The more you keep these things in check, the more your numbers will grow.


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