Spectrum is a subset of Charter Communications. Spectrum is responsible for providing TV cable, Internet, and phone services to over 40 million customers all over the nation in the US. There are many advantages to opting for Spectrum. Any contract does not bind customers for 12 or 24 months. Other cable service companies generally provide cheaper services if customers choose contracts. However, customers cannot leave the services before the contract period is over. If the customers decide to leave the services beforehand, they will have to pay a termination fee.


Another massive advantage of Spectrum TV services is that they offer bundle packages. You can easily bundle up your TV, Internet, and cable services with bundled packages. The prices of the individual services also reduce if customers choose to opt for the bundle services compared to opting for individual services for all three.

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Contrary to other service providers like Wow, which is only available in the Midwestern and southern regions of the US, Spectrum has the largest availability in the US network. Spectrum offers services at rates that are little on the higher side. However, Spectrum also offers more in their plans than the other cable TV service providers.


Another problem with Spectrum is the customer service. The customer service of Spectrum leaves much to be desired. Customers have often complained that their problems do not get resolved on time and wait for long periods. Finally, the DVR equipment of Spectrum is very basic. They have not disclosed any specific features regarding the DVR equipment on the website. Therefore, customers cannot know how long the DVR can record or how many shows can it record at once.

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Why should people opt for Spectrum TV services?


The biggest advantage of Spectrum is there is a no-contract option. If you are a Spectrum customer and wish to cancel your subscription, you do not have to worry about paying the company a termination fee. Furthermore, Spectrum has a 30-day money-back guarantee option in place. If you are unhappy with services of Spectrum, you can cancel your subscription within 30 days and get your money. The new contact option of Spectrum makes it ideal for college students and people in the military who may not be comfortable with the contract options.


Amazing TV packages

The TV packages Spectrum offered more than most other cable TV service providers in the nation of the US. Spectrum offers three different packages. These are:

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Spectrum select package

The price of this package is $45 per month.

Customers can avail of over 125 channels in this package.

The popular channels in this package are Nickelodeon, ESPN, fox for my ABC Cartoon Network, HGTV.


Spectrum silver package

The price of this package is $65 per month.

Customers can avail of over 175 channels in this package.

The popular channels in this package are NFL Network, NBA TV, Disney XD, MLB, nick junior.


Spectrum gold package

The price of this package is $85 per month.

Customers can avail themselves of over 200 channels in this package.

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Bundling options

The customers of Spectrum have the option of bundling up their subscription services. If you choose to opt for the bending option, you will only have to pay a single price, and you will be able to avail all three services of TV, Internet, and phone. The bundle packages also have different plans would you can check out on the Spectrum website. If you are in any contract with another TV or cable service provider and wish to switch to Spectrum, Spectrum can help you with the termination fee. Spectrum provides a contract buyout up to $500. However, to be eligible for this contract buyout, you must subscribe to the double play or the triple play package.

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Advantages of bundling options

With the Internet services Spectrum, there is no data cap. Therefore, you can stream your favorite shows without worrying about the data getting over. If you decide to go for the Spectrum triple play package, you will get various perks. As mentioned before, there is no data cap on the Internet. The Internet speed starts at 30 Mbps. The packages are also very generous. You will avail of over 125 channels and receive premium channels like Showtime, Cinemax, and HBO even as part of the middle package. In the case of other TV cable service providers, it has been seen that premium channels are only a part of the largest available package.

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Spectrum ones with customers at the products, and their prices may vary depending on your location. In most locations, customers are free to choose the channel packages and the Internet speed they want and make their bundle. However, there is only one Internet speed available in certain sections that can be paired up with the available channel packages.


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