Starbucks recently announced that it would be including NFTs within its Starbucks Rewards loyalty scheme. The Company also communicated that it would furthermore be embarking on a range of coffee-themed Starbucks-branded digital NFT collectibles as well.


Starbucks Rewards members will therefore now be able to access these exclusive NFTs as well by earning stars for each transaction and then using them to obtain Starbucks NFTs.


Starbucks Rewards was first offered to customers in 2008 with the promise of offering a wide range of perks in return for Stars.


Stars are obtained with every transaction or purchase made at a Starbucks outlet. Starbucks Rewards members can enjoy added benefits such as free internet, refills and flavours, depending on the country.

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As of January 2011, Starbucks Rewards released its very own mobile App that enabled members to add funds to their Starbucks Rewards account and then use those funds to make payments at any Starbucks outlet.


This meant that members no longer had to worry about paying by card or cash when they could simply settle the bill through their mobile App. By the end of 2011, over 20 million transactions had taken place via this platform.

Loyalty Rewards

Starbucks Rewards is a loyalty scheme designed at increasing and promoting loyalty amongst its valued customers.


The premise and dynamic of any loyalty scheme involves the provision of points, rewards or in the case of Starbucks Rewards, ‘stars’ to customers making a purchase.

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Over time, members of the loyalty scheme will be able to accrue enough points in order to obtain special perks, benefits and services including complimentary offers as well.


Depending on the requirement of the company, it is also possible to develop a loyalty scheme based on a web app development, thereby allowing customers to access their loyalty scheme profile and account details via the internet.


To obtain Starbucks Rewards, customers must first register their details and obtain an account number or a user profile. This will help users to login to their Starbucks Rewards account online and see what progress they have made etc.

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Registered users can also then begin to use the Starbucks Rewards mobile app that stands out by limiting the need for a traditional credit card style loyalty card that customers would have to produce at the checkout.


With the in-app payment system, Starbucks customers can now pay for their purchases directly through their mobile app and also claim Starbucks Rewards as well, all from one smart device.


The effectiveness of loyalty schemes has long been proven and it is the chance of continued interaction and engagement with regular customers that keep business owners flocking to this model.


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Loyalty schemes are particularly effective for companies that have multiple branches in different locations targeting a volume based business model. Loyalty schemes can also be useful for independent single stores as well, depending on the level of local competition.


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