When men think of summer, they think of the straw Fedora. This hat is known for its comfort, iconic style, and practical applications that most men count on. For most people, a straw hat is something that refers to something specific. But ultimately, it’s a hat designed from straw and indicates a wide variety of materials and headwear.

Delving deep into the straw hat

If someone refers to the straw fedora hat mens, they typically indicate a mix of materials. It might be the straw that stays after the seed gets removed from the grain plant. Hat makers weave this by-product into a hat, which is expandable, sturdy, and highly stylish. It compliments men with various face shapes and cut. One of the popular materials for this hat variant is the Toyo straw. This material doesn’t get derived from straw but a shellacked rice paper which ultimately gets woven to a hat. The material has a few benefits than straw because it has a sophisticated profile and is reasonably priced. However, straw is a robust material and can withstand any wear and tear. Other classier versions of the straw hat make the Shantung straw hats and the Panama straw hat.

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Apart from being stylish and fashionable, a classy straw summer hat comes with several practical uses. A hat that has a stingy brim can protect a person’s face from the sun. Even the classy woven crown that the summer straw Fedora has it secures the wearer from the sun. It also provides the correct ventilation and allows your head to cool. The hat with a properly padded headband will ensure that the sweat doesn’t get inside your eyes and allows you to enjoy the summer sun.

If you are planning to invest in a good summer hat, you have several affordably priced materials to choose from. But you need to know which one will make a good summer hat? And according to various hat experts, only two materials are the best in the game: Panama and the Shantung straw hats. Both these materials are durable, refined and make a good choice for the hat. You can find these hats in multiple price points along with a secured coating.

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The Panama straw hat

If you look closely, you will find that the Panama straw, similar to the summer straw hats, isn’t straw. Instead, the hats get marked from palmata leaves. The hat gets woven in a unique and particular style since the 17th century in Ecuador. Also, it retains the same feature in any other part of the world. During the late 19th and 20th century, it gained prominence at the Panama Canal, and that’s how it got the name.

Things you should look out for

The way men and women look for their best straw hats are different! However, when it is about the Panama straw hat, you need to search certain features to ensure you get a good one. First and foremost, you need to check the straw grade. The hat’s finest weave symbolizes several hours of smart and intelligent labor. Also, the grades generally get evaluated as XX via 100x. And depending on the Panama straw grade, you can think of spending about a thousand dollars or less on this hat. And this money will be a well-spent amount and represents good quality straw. It also reflects the craftsmanship that got involved along with the rich tradition which this hat represents.

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And it was in the 20th century, several of the palmata plants got killed from where the hat makers made the Panama straw hat. Most of the hatmakers searched for a replacement. And in the process, they came up with Shantung straw, a high-end paper with good performance quality which got woven to yarn to imitate straw. The material is durable, fine and is perfect for daily wear. The shantung straw comes at a good price for the quality it provides. And if you want to add this to your high-end summer hat collection, it is a wise choice.

Last but not least, straw can get used in the make and almost in every hat style for men that you can conjecture. However, there might be a few hats where you can’t use straw. Today, the expert hat makers have sold caps that got made from straw, even though the design process differed. Most straw hats have an element of timelessness, and that makes you forget all your worries about the hat. You can wear it during the warm months as well as in other seasons. It results in a seamless style and enables men of all age groups to embrace this hat style. However, it is essential to get the straw fedora hat of the correct size to compliment your face. And for any other suggestion, you can count on an expert hat maker.

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