Dubai is a place that is famously known for its luxurious way of living and sky-high buildings. When visiting or living in Dubai, you would expect a certain type of lifestyle, one that is full of designer clothes, the finest luxuries, and extravagant buildings. One building that is a particular stand-out is The Opus. This building was designed by legendary architect Dame Zaha Hadid alongside the Omniyat Group and has been aptly labeled “the building that never sleeps”. Within this article, we will give a brief overview of who Dame Zaha Hadid is and explore The Opus building even further. If this is something of interest to you, then keep on reading to find out more.

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Who Is Dame Zaha Hadid

Dame Zaha Hadid is an artist, originally from Baghdad, who developed a keen eye for art ever since she was young. Growing up she had many artistic influences around her and began studying architecture in 1972. Looking back on some of her previous work, it is clear that she has always been a fan of unusual architecture, and The Opus is no exception. A lot of her previous work focused on forming curves on the building structure, which is prevalent in the design of The Opus building.

Her work with Omniyat first began in 2005 and this work was to become her first ever in the United Arab Emirates. The Opus building soon came into creation and is conveniently located in Burj Khalifa in central Dubai. The Opus in Dubai, truly is one of a kind and it is even more special as the building happens to be one of Hadid’s last projects. Next in the article we will go over some of the features of The Opus and explore just what makes it so special.

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What Is The Opus

As mentioned above, The Opus building is a unique and artistic masterpiece that is a clear stand-out in the Dubai skyline. Thanks to the work of Dame Zaha Hadid, Omniyat was lucky enough to create an architectural wonder that brings people from all around the world to explore all the building has to offer. The building itself has 21 floors and houses a mixture of residential, commercial, F&B, and retail hospitality. The building is located in central Dubai meaning that any residents living in the building have access to all the local shops and restaurants when they step outside their door.

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The Opus in Dubai offers people a fully equipped gym, along with spa facilities for when you need to unwind. Not only this, but the building hosts its own selection of fine dining restaurants, so you do not have to travel outside the city to experience some good quality food. Additionally, The Opus has both a 24hr valet and a 24hr concierge, meaning there will always be someone there to take care of your needs. Especially if you live a busy lifestyle, having a concierge available can really help you stay organized.

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