Investors today prefer to diversify their retirement portfolios to balance their holdings and hedge against inflation. A self-directed individual retirement account can be funded to hold gold since these permit alternative investments like precious metals and other physical commodities.


The IRS only permits specific items with precious metal investments; no jewelry, collectible coins, or bars and coins below a minimal fineness are approved for IRA inclusion. The only exception is the American Eagle Gold coin which falls slightly below the guidelines.


Follow this link,, for details on this coin. It’s essential to find a reputable, IRS-approved custodial service that can set up a self-directed account to hold the gold and a dealer who will purchase the products for you.

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The firm can help you locate an IRS-approved depository where you can then store the gold after purchase. It’s not possible to keep these in your own home once the transaction is complete. That will not be possible until retirement age.


Tips For Investing In An American Gold Eagle Bullion Coin


The IRS has stringent rules for investors choosing precious metals as an option for their IRA self-directed account. It’s essential to educate on these as the owner because ultimately, you will be responsible since those are the terms of a “self-directed” IRA.


Custodians will assist with administering and managing the IRA, handling transactions, and attempting to ensure compliance, but the ultimate decisions will come from you.

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That means you need to educate as much as possible on the rules and regulations and become informed on guidelines to assist you through the process of including gold coins in your IRA. Here are tips to help gold IRA buyers.


●     Due diligence with research


It’s essential to understand how to buy your products and what you’re buying. The prices will have a “spot” or “melt” value per coin which you need to understand for each precious metal since this is the cost that’s most often reported in newscasts.


There’s always a markup from this price point, so that won’t be what you ultimately pay; it gives you a general basis for the product’s value and a clue where you might come in with an upcharge.

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●     Why do you want to invest


Everyone has a unique reason for including precious metals into their retirement portfolio. In most situations, it’s used to stabilize a platform that might be focused solely on paper assets, or it can serve as a hedge against an economic crisis.


If you buy collectible coins for investment purposes, these can’t be placed in an IRA. Their value is not set solely on their metal content. But if you follow IRS guidelines with a fineness (and purity), the value is understood.


It’s a matter of extensive research from which you stand to gain more from and then follow your instincts.

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●     Speak with someone knowledgeable


It’s essential to speak with someone in the industry who will provide the pros and cons of investing in bullion coins with no personal vested interest one way or the other.


Often you’ll find a financial advisor or dealer who might try to sway your decisions so that they benefit from their specific industry. That’s not helping you with your particular needs. You need an impartial person who will answer inquiries and provide information without concern about whether you invest or don’t.


That can be challenging to find, but there are reputable leaders in the industry, well-established firms with no vested interest whether you choose to buy products or don’t but instead have the customer’s best interest in mind.

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It might take considerable research to locate the ideal company to work with, but in the end, these are the businesses that will guide you on the right path with your investment portfolio.

●     Frauds are rampant


Pay attention when choosing a precious metal dealer. There are risks with buying gold, like running into fraudulent companies all over the market with the sole intention of draining the savings from those nearing retirement age.


If you ask for a certificate of authenticity only to receive a blank stare, that’s a red flag. But if you receive one, know that these can also be faked.

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The only way to learn if a company or the dealer, in particular, is legitimate is through careful and time-intensive research. It’s also essential to look at the business practices.


That will give you an idea of what type of firm with which you’re dealing. If there is a delay in getting the products to you or they can somehow provide you with no-cost storage facilities, again, major red flags. The IRS-approved depository is not going to be free of charge.


Fortunately, when you have a custodial service on board, you can run these things by them for an opinion. While they can’t advise regarding investments or funding, they will likely let you know when a company is not on the up-and-up. No one wants to see someone get scammed.



Final Thought


Most investors who choose precious metals to stabilize their retirement portfolio opt for gold, and many choose coins as their investment option. The American Eagle Gold Bullion is among the favorites, but this is also the exception to the IRS guidelines coming in with less than the stipulations required in purity and fineness.


A priority when choosing a precious metal is to ensure that you research the product thoroughly, the team you’ll be working with to make the transaction a reality (including the custodian, the dealer, and the depository) and the stringent IRS rules and regulations, so you’re no in the dark when it comes to compliance.

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As a self-directed IRA account owner, you’re ultimately responsible for any decisions made, so it pays to be well informed.

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