Taking care of your hair is a chore, but there are still certain rules to follow. If you apply them all, you will see the whole strategy similar to the algorithm that can be applied while gambling with a Woo Casino login. Here are 8 tips to keep your hair beautiful and healthy.

Wash Your Hair When It’s Dirty

Some people think that if you don’t wash your hair for a long time, your hair will eventually get used to it and will get dirty slower. This idea is fundamentally wrong. We don’t wash our skin every three days to make it change from oily to normal.

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Scalp isn’t fundamentally different from facial skin, so you should wash your hair as soon as it gets dirty. If, after shampooing, you feel that your hair isn’t clean enough, you can use special scrubs, salt, mud and clay.

Don’t Wash Your Hair With Hot Water

Hot water damages the hair and excessively steams the scalp, which causes hair loss. Wash your hair with slightly warm water and rinse with cold water when you are done.


It will be perfect to add a little vinegar when rinsing, which will smooth the surface and make hair shiny.

Only Soap the Hair at the Root Zone

Lathering shampoo all the way up the front of the hair will only dry it out. The foam that runs down your hair when you rinse the shampoo out will be enough to rinse the lengths.

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Towel Dry Hair Before Applying Conditioner

Too much moisture on the hair will not allow the conditioner to be absorbed. It may just drip off. Therefore it is advisable to towel dry hair and only then apply the balm. The same should be done when using masks.

Don’t Apply Balm to the Scalp

Balms and conditioners shouldn’t be applied to the scalp, even if the label says otherwise. If you are using non-organic products, they include silicones and other ingredients that create a film on the hair. Such a film prevents the scalp from breathing, creating a greenhouse effect, which can cause hair loss and dandruff.

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It’s necessary to comb your hair before washing it and not immediately afterwards.

It’s a good idea to brush through the hair before washing your hair to detangle it. If you do not do this, the hair will become even more tangled when washing it, and some of it will be torn out during the further combing.


On the contrary, it is undesirable to comb wet hair. It should be allowed to dry, and only then combed out. It is much easier to unintentionally pull hair from the damp, steamed skin.

Don’t Use Shampoos That Contain Harsh Detergents

This tip applies not only to those who have dry but also to people with oily scalps. Aggressive detergents will not make your hair clearer, they only dry out the skin and make the hair more brittle. Try not to buy shampoos that contain SLS and SLES.

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Comb Your Hair More Often and Massage the Scalp

You should brush your hair at least twice a day. This way you stimulate the flow of blood, and therefore oxygen, to the hair follicles, nourishing and strengthening the hair. For the same purpose, you also need a scalp massage. It is enough to do it several times a week.


You should comb through the hair from the ends, going up to the roots and untangling all the knots. If you start combing from the roots down, all the tangles will become tangled even more, you will get a tangle and pull out a lot of hair.

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You can lubricate a comb (a wooden comb with sparse teeth is ideal) with a few drops of essential oil that improves blood flow, comb through the hair, and then additionally massage the scalp with your fingers.


Such a procedure is good to do at night – the smell of your favorite essential oil, along with a light massage perfectly relaxes you, relieves stress and helps you sleep sooner.

Don’t Stress Your Hair out With High or Low Temperatures

If you blow dry your hair with a hair dryer it’s best to do it with cool air, but make sure that you use heat protectors. In winter, when going outdoors, hide your hair under clothing, and in summer protect it from the harmful rays of the sun with products with SPF, and better yet, a hat.

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