The term Owasp means is an app security used for securing applications of a device. The users are downloading several applications on the Smartphone, iphones, laptops, PCs etc. They store information on these applications and also exchange message with the other parties. So, the information can be easily transferred to other parties. The experts aim to test the security of a device at the highest level so the user is able to maintain privacy. An OWASP mobile top 10 is a security system to prevent problems such as data leakage etc.

What is OWASP system?

The OWASP is a system that aims to provide resources to the user to maintain security on the system or computer. It is used to secure the applications on the mobile. To provide a better security system to a mobile or any digital tool, the security risks are first classified and then depending upon the condition of a mobile, a security system is provided.

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It is a system that also helps to perform forensic analysis on certain devices. They provide higher level of security to the devices that are highly vulnerable to security threats. The OWASP is an organization that provides services to the website owners from cyber attack problems. It is used to secure applications so the user can use easily without any interruption. The security threats on the system deteriorate the performance of the system. You cannot easily open or close any applications and continuously experience interruptions as you can view unnecessary ads or messages. So, it is used to improve the security system of any device.

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Every user should be able to easily access information on the system and also operate the system easily.  The OWASP vulnerabilities are referred as the weakness of the security weakness. If the security system is weaker then the user can easily thieve information from the devices.

The OWASP mobile top 10 is a database or a document for applying application security. It is a type of security risk applicable to different web applications. Some applications are easily vulnerable to attacks whereas other applications are not so vulnerable. So the expert developers use different tools to access the level of security of a system.

After identifying the vulnerability of a system, they can undertake corrective action. They can install a level of security level in the system to prevent any security attack further.

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So, the developers require different types of tools, resources, articles or technologies to provide a proper security system to a device.

OWASP is a non-profit organization that provides the resources to the organization to improve security of the system. Some security threats are too harmful to the system because they can destroy the files, folders, or hard discs. But some threats are milder so the system becomes slower. So, this organization aims to provide resources to various security levels.

The procedure of using the OWASP is easier.

You should use ZAP and then press the Quick Start tab entering into the Workspace. Then, you should use the Explore button and enter the url address in the text box. Then, you can find different types of applications you want to use. Then, accordingly you can use the browser and press the button Launch Browser so the application is installed. It is a method of assessing the web applications so the vulnerabilities of the system are tested. After testing, they can identify the abnormalities of the system. Based upon the vulnerabilities, the developers can provide a level of security to the system.

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It is a document that provides ranking for different types of risks and also states the remedies for each type of security threat. The security threats are ranked according to the impact they create on the system and the potential effects on the system.

The different types of vulnerabilities as stated by the OWASP system are misused authentication, exposing sensitive data, misconfigurtion of security system, injection, control of broken access, scripting of cross-sites, using different components that are vulnerable to the system, etc. If you use some external devices that are not recognized, then your system can be attacked. Many people use external devices such as pen drives that can easily cause leakage of data and virus threat to the system. Injection is also one of the most sensitive vulnerability of the system that causes threat.

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Broken authentication

The term ‘broken authentication ‘ means when the strangers are able to identify the passwords, session tokens, keys or are even able to extract some important account information. This broken  is caused due to various reasons such as using weak passwords or user names to the site, rewriting the URL, identity details unencrypted, or even the identity details are not properly stored, etc. This problem can be prevented by using procedures such as credential stuffing, etc. The user should use the multi-factor authentication and should not use any default credentials. The passwords should be preferably lengthy and complex passwords following the NiST guidelines.

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Exposure of sensitive data

This problem occurs when the company or an organization’s data is unexpectedly transferred to the other user. When the user is not using adequate resources to protect the data, then this problem can occur. It also leads to other problems such as leakage, unauthorized exposure of data, loss of data, or unauthorized disclosure to data, etc.

Security misconfiguration

This problem causes installation of features or applications that are unwanted. It also enables default passwords or user names to the site. Some of the examples of security misconfiguration are incomplete ad-hoc, using http methods unnecessarily, sending verbose error messages, etc. When the security system in the device is not correctly configured, then it causes different technical issues. To prevent security misconfiguration are to disable the process of debugging, limiting the access to the interfaces, disabling the directory listing, installing the automation system to your device, etc. They can also remove the unused features of the system.

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The owasp mobile top 10 is used to prevent many other threats to the system such as the cross site scripting, unsecure deserialization, logging and monitoring insufficiently, etc.

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