In recent years, the fashion for a healthy lifestyle has touched almost everyone. Yoga isn’t not the least of these in the hearts of sports fans.


But what do we really know about yoga? Have you been dreaming of standing on your head for a long time, but so far your maximum is a tree pose? Keep reading to start practicing yoga and doing all the asanas as easy as creating a PlayAmo login.

Why Practice Yoga

A sculpted abs and taut glutes. Sounds appealing? And that’s just the small tip of the iceberg. Yoga strengthens the muscles throughout the body – even those that are very difficult to engage in sports, normalizes the function of internal organs, supports the spine, improves blood circulation and much more.

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Moreover, regular yoga practice will help to balance the nervous system, harmonize the overall state of mind and body, and make you feel better not only physically, but also spiritually. In fact, it’s hard to list all the things yoga has a positive effect on.


But one thing is certain – if professional sports often have a negative impact on health and can be extremely traumatic, then there is no arguing with the benefits of yoga.

What Is Yoga?

The culture of yoga comes from India. About the meaning of the word “yoga” researchers argue to this day. There are two most popular versions. According to the first one, yoga should not be understood as a process, but as the final goal of all classes, as a result of which one acquires a spiritual state of unity with the universe and inner harmony. Then the word can be translated as “union”.

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Another version of yoga can be translated as “curbing”. The main goal then is the process of practice during which one learns to control feelings.

Things to Know Before Practicing Yoga

Before you start practicing yoga, you need to carefully study all the rules. Otherwise there will be no positive effect, but you can hurt yourself with ease.


First, observe safety techniques, always assessing their capabilities. Everything should happen smoothly and without sharp pain. If it seems to you that something goes wrong, it is better to stop.


Second, don’t overdo it. Practice should bring a rush of energy and pleasant fatigue. If you are always practicing at the limit of your abilities, and then you are exhausted for several days after such intensives, it is necessary to change your approach urgently.

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Third, practice regularly, because it’s constant practice that helps you fully immerse yourself in the world of yoga and take the maximum possible.

Where to Start in Yoga

There are eight steps in yoga. At the first one one starts to observe certain moral principles, such as not harming others and refraining from excessive pleasures. The second is aimed at developing discipline and self-knowledge. In the third stage, there is an introduction to asanas – special body poses that help to find physical and spiritual harmony. Then there are five more stages, the last of which is the state of oneness and higher consciousness.

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However, at the first stages, it’s unnecessary to go into these details. This information will still seem complicated and incomprehensible. Start by studying the simplest asanas and meditating for a few minutes every day.


It’s best to do your first classes under the supervision of an experienced yogi because it’s important not only to do all the exercises correctly but also to watch your breathing technique and to be able to relax. But after some time, you can start practicing on your own.

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