Do you want to become more active and are you looking for an exercise program that you can do anytime, anywhere? Jealous of the flexibility of yogis and worried that you can’t do the same? Or just fascinated with the charming Indian atmosphere delighted you while gambling Woo Casino games? Here are 10 poses to help you make friends with your own body!

Tadasana – Mountain Pose

Place your feet together so that your heels and big toes touch. Straighten up, feel your head stretching into the sky. Shoulders and shoulder blades should be relaxed and lowered, knees straightened, hips slightly tensed, pelvis slightly forward (coccyx goes down).

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Breathe deeply and evenly, being aware of how the weight of the body presses evenly on the floor.

Vrikshasana – Tree Pose

Stand in Tadasana. Feel how both feet evenly press into the floor, and then gently transfer the body weight to the right foot. Spread your toes wide apart, bend your left leg at the knee and put your foot on your right leg (on the knee or hip).


Try to turn the knee of the left leg as far as possible, as if pulling it behind you, while pushing the pelvis forward. Don’t lose your balance.

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You can extend your arms out to the sides, fold them on your chest (in “namaste”) or raise them above your head. Pull your belly button upward for greater stability. Do asana on the right and left legs alternately.

Utthita Trikonasana – Extended Triangle Pose

Spread your legs wide apart, about a meter or wider, if your stretching allows it. Spread your right foot parallel to the long side of the mat. Both feet press evenly on the floor.


Raise your arms to shoulder height and slowly, with an exhalation, begin to bend to the right. Try placing your right hand on your right foot (foot, shin, knee or hip, depends on your level of training). The main thing is to keep your back straight and your sides extended.

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Turn your head so as to look at your left arm, it should be pointing vertically upward. This is the final position, stay in it. Asana is performed alternately to both sides.


If you feel unsteady, look down instead of up, but keep the neck stretched.

Parsvakonasana – Extended Side Angle Pose

Spread your legs wide apart and bend the right knee 90˚. Make sure both feet are pressed firmly to the mat.


Rest your right forearm on the thigh of the raised foot and put your left hand straight up. Reach for it, but don’t strain your shoulders – they should be down and your neck stretched out regardless of the direction of your gaze.

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Try to turn your chest toward the ceiling. Breathe deeply and calmly. This asana should also be performed on both sides.

Virabhadrasana I – Warrior Pose I

Put your right leg forward and bend it 90˚ at the knee. Keep the foot of your left foot pressed against the mat. Distribute your body weight so that most of it (about 60%) falls on the front (right) leg.


Hands shoulder width apart, you can lift them above your head, but keep your shoulders down and your neck straight. Don’t tilt your head back, pull your head up, twist your pelvis slightly forward.

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Hold the pose as long as you feel comfortable. Then do the asana on the other leg.

Virabhadrasana II – Warrior Pose II

The foot position is almost the same as in Virabhadrasana I, but the foot of the raised foot should be parallel to the edge of the mat (perpendicular to the foot of the right foot).


Straight body, right arm stretches forward, left arm backward, palms facing the floor. Shoulders remain lowered, pulling them and shoulder blades down. Repeat on both legs.

Balasana – Baby Pose

A resting pose that will help you relax after active standing poses. Bring your feet together and kneel down, with your big toes touching each other. Lower your pelvis onto your heels, relax. Breathe out smoothly while lowering your torso onto your knees until your forehead touches the mat.

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Your arms may be pulled back or forward. Beginners may be tempted to lift the pelvis slightly – do it. But your head should remain lowered. If you can’t reach the mat with your forehead, put a brick or a towel roll under it.


Breathe calmly and slowly, resting in the final pose.

Malasana – Garland Pose

From Tadasana, squat down: hips wide apart, feet standing as you feel comfortable. The main thing is to keep your heels firmly pressed against the mat.


Depending on the mobility of your hip joints, either reach up with the top of your head, straighten your back and rest your elbows on your knees (hips). Try to spread your knees as wide as possible.



If your pelvis is stiff, place your hands in front of you and try to extend your back by pulling your shoulders down and back. Try to relax as much as possible.

Supta Matsyendrasana III – Lying Down Twist Pose

Lie on the floor and bend your legs at a 90˚ angle. Lift them above the floor and press your hips against the mat. Place your bent legs to the left and turn your head to the right. Extend your arms out to your sides or place them on your hips. Relax. Repeat the twist the other way.

Shavasana – Dead Man’s Pose

This pose concludes the yoga practice. Sit on the mat, wrap your arms around yourself, open your shoulder blades. Roll around on the mat, as if clinging to it with your shoulder blades.

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Then, without changing your posture, lift your head and press your chin to your chest, stretching your neck. You should feel a pleasant stretch in your upper back.


Then relax, spread your legs freely, put your hands along the body with palms up. There should be no tension in the body.


Close your eyes and watch your breath. Watch how your stomach and chest rise and fall. Don’t “think” thoughts, just observe them.


Stand up slowly, stretch. Your exercise is over.

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