Out of the other problems, the tragic one in the bedroom is getting up out of the bed in the middle of the night since you have no space to put the night light, book, glass of water, etc. that you may need through the night. That itself justifies that there is no excuse not to have a functional bedside table. Having said that, there are plenty of options out of which only a few solve the purpose rightly. Thus, we have shortlisted a few of the creative bedside table ideas to trench the cliché stool bedside table.


  1. A chair-like bedside:

When you wish to choose out of the box, nothing beats a regular bygone chair as a side table. It depicts an effortless undone elegance that you can utilize to keep your nitty gritty for the night effortlessly. You can even accentuate it with a throw at the back of the chair for added effect.

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  1. A console table:

If you have space or you need a side table between the two twin beds, choosing a console table in between is the best decision. This helps to keep the symmetry streamlined and clutter-free.


  1. A classic dresser:

If you have a sizeable bedroom, using a dresser as a bedside table is an appealing option. This will not just form the room to look elegant but also create more space for your Knick knacks. Conversely, if your room has limited space and you cannot place two bedside tables along the sides of the bed, having one dresser like bedside table will provide enough storage to keep your other essentials too.

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  1. A built-in desk:

You live in a studio apartment and you don’t have enough space to fit a bedside table. Using each nook and corner to its best potential becomes the priority. Therefore, having a built-in desk with shelves inside the wall provides a compact workplace or space to use as your vanity station.


  1. A bar stool:

If you like it simple and stylish, a classic chic-styled bar stool as the side table is an innovative option not all would think about. The night lamp props out beautifully on the bar stool to offer a lovely curation to the whole space. If you make use of a plain wooden bar stool, consider painting it in a fun color as it will highlight the room and be in the limelight.

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  1. Customized bed frame:

When designing the room from scratch, creating a custom bed frame alongside the bedside table will give a minimalistic view of the whole room. The side table extension will highlight the side area and when you decorate it with beautiful accent, it will complete the space.


  1. A trunk:

If your home is full of antiques and you wish to have a bedside table that complements the chic interior, consider an antique trunk as a side table. Thus, all you need to consider is to apply the oil paint to refurbish the piece to bring it back to its life.


  1. A folding table:
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When you have limited space and you don’t need a side table regularly, having a folding table as a bedside table is an extraordinary idea. You can paint it in energizing color to add a fun element and when not in use, you can easily fold and keep it aside for enough space around.


These are a few of the creative and gorgeous options for bedside tables that will enhance your room’s appearance like never before.

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