Solar energy has come a long way since its birth as an innovative alternative to conventional energy. Today, it is considered a leading energy choice for homeowners around the world. This change is due to a combination of factors, including the self-consumption bonus, fossil fuel inflation, new tariff regulations and a growing environmental concern.


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But today, let’s focus on the many benefits of solar energy and photovoltaic solutions!


Going solar: The benefits and environmental advantages

Photovoltaics can be a reliable energy solution for your home. Solar energy is limitless and offers free energy in very large quantities. Switching to solar energy helps protect the environment and provides a host of financial benefits designed to promote the energy transition.

Moreover, using solar energy means we are no longer dependent on the fossil fuels that pollute our planet. Going solar is also ideal for isolated sites since energy is available everywhere.

More than just a means of producing electricity, it’s a very strong commitment to the environment.

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A profitable installation over the long term

Although installing such equipment is expensive from the outset, solar panels are highly profitable over the long term. Photovoltaic panels have a lifespan of around 30 years, with a payback period of 15 years. You can enjoy them for fifteen years or more, depending on the quality of the materials. Today’s panels are more efficient and produce fewer losses than in the past. Some components have also become cheaper than they were a few years ago. It’s also worth remembering that you’re using the energy you produce, which is a good way of reducing your electricity bills significantly when output exceeds consumption.

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Lower electricity bills

As mentioned above, you consume the energy you produce. Photovoltaic energy allows you to create the energy you need. As a result, you will no longer be surprised by bills with different prices depending on the time of year. You could save up to 600 euros a year! This is a golden opportunity, especially for people using household equipment such as electric heating, which can be expensive.


  • Free energy: the sun is entirely free so that nobody can charge you anything, and there is no tax on using solar power. By using photovoltaic energy, rising energy costs can be kept under control. Tariff trends no longer affect you. When installing photovoltaic panels, you can take advantage of financial assistance, particularly the zero-rate eco-loan and local financial aid.
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  • Rapid payback: thanks to increasingly low purchase costs, relatively low running and maintenance costs, and the various forms of financial support on offer, the advantage of solar energy is that it pays for itself after just five years, after which you save on your electricity bill for the duration of the installation.


Solar energy means energy independence

Solar energy gives everyone access to energy independence. Once installed, a solar-powered installation operates entirely independently as soon as the first rays are captured. Solar batteries can also be fitted to store the energy received during periods of sunshine. This stored energy can be used later, in bad weather or when night falls.

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In this way, solar energy makes it possible to achieve self-consumption and energy independence.


Solar energy, a high-performance solution

Solar energy benefits from the latest technical innovations to ensure high-quality performance. Many manufacturers are converting to the use of this energy to offer highly efficient products.


Solar power for greater comfort!

Solar-powered roller shutters can be controlled from your smartphone or even by voice from a voice assistant. You can centralise the opening and closing of all your roller shutters or even schedule them. Solar-powered roller shutters don’t require any major work. They can be installed from the outside, even when the owners are away. Your walls won’t be damaged, and there’s no need for electrical wiring. Installation is simple, quick, and straightforward.

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Decentralised suppliers

As you produce your own energy, decentralisation means you are no longer dependent on suppliers of any kind, and you also avoid the losses associated with transport.


Prepare for rapid deployment of battery storage

In the storage field, batteries are making lightning progress, driven by the automotive industry and the boom in electric vehicles. Lithium-ion technologies are nothing like traditional acid batteries.

While battery storage of electricity generated by solar panels is currently only economically attractive in regions where electricity is expensive, such as Italy, Germany and California, it will become attractive everywhere in the world within 3 to 4 years. In the longer term, hydrogen storage opens up extraordinary prospects, with very high efficiency and the ability to store electricity over long periods without significant loss, for example, from summer to winter.

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More jobs

Choosing renewable electricity also means helping to create stable jobs. Photovoltaic panels have been on the increase for years, and thousands of new jobs have been created in the sector.


The photovoltaic solar revolution is underway

Thousands of users around the world are choosing to go solar every day. For several years, photovoltaic production capacity has been growing faster than nuclear production capacity. The most dynamic countries today are the United States and China. India and specific countries in Latin America and Africa have also embarked on a massive adoption of photovoltaics to meet the growing demand for electricity.

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