Proper facial skin care is what allows us to extend our youth, look fresh, rested, and attractive even when we are still far away from vacation. According to modern cosmetologists and manufacturers of cosmetics daily care should include 5 obligatory steps.

Similar to a variety of games at PlayAmo, there are many skin types:

Skin Types


  • Normal has an even color, is tolerant of temperature changes and other negative environmental influences, is not prone to the development of inflammation, has no oily sheen, and pores are small.
  • Dry has a high sensitivity, often drying up because the activity of sebaceous glands is small, often flaky and irritated, signs of aging in some cases appear after 25 years old.
  • Oily has a greasy sheen, is prone to comedones (black dots and white closed cystic formations) and acne, but for longer than other types looks young.
  • Combination skin combines two types, for example, oily (dry) in some areas and normal in others.
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Normal skin needs only standard cleansing, toning, moisturizing and nourishing. Dry skin needs more moisturizing and nourishing than other types. Means for it should be chosen soft and non-irritating. With oily skin, it’s important to pay a lot of attention to cleansing and matting.


Without cleansing all the other stages of care are meaningless, because clogged pores and dust particles deposited on the skin will not allow cosmetics to work to their full potential. It’s necessary to cleanse your skin twice, in the morning and in the evening. It’s important to remove dead cells and sebum secretion in the morning and makeup and atmospheric pollution in the evening. For oily and combination skin, it’s better to choose foamy products such as gels or foams. For dry and sensitive skin soft cleansing lotions or cleansing milk would be suitable. People with normal skin can choose any means – it’s lucky, what can I say!

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From time to time, about once every 10 days, you can use scrubs to cleanse the skin, smoothing the skin texture, giving your face a fresh appearance and increasing the effectiveness of other care products.


Never use hard soaps or tap water, as they can both be drying.


Toning removes residual cleansers, invigorates and awakens the skin and eases its cellular breathing process. Toners for oily skin will help normalize sebum activity and narrow pores, while toners for dry skin will help cells retain moisture. Toners, as well as cleansing, are necessary for our skin twice a day, in the morning and in the evening. In the morning the tonics with anti-inflammatory effect are preferable, as they will help skin tired of cosmetics not to become inflamed and not to “bloom” with acne. However, we do not recommend choosing tonics with alcohol content – they can easily overdry the skin. Much more effective and gentle for the skin tonics on a water basis.

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A human being consists of 80% of water. All kinds of tissues contain water; even hard tooth enamel has about 0.2% of it. The skin is the largest human organ; it needs fluid, but loses it quickly and receives it on a residual basis, as the body first seeks to provide moisture to the internal organs. When dehydrated, the skin becomes dry and thin. Different products can be used to moisturize the skin, from fluids to light moisturizing creams and gels.


Pay attention to their composition – it should be present active moisturizing ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, aloe gel, glycerin, provitamin B5, as well as basic cosmetic oils. For example, it is jojoba oil or macadamia oil. Moisturizers are applied to the skin 5-10 minutes after the toners. In the warm season, these products can replace the nourishing cream during the day. Thermal water in the form of a spray will give additional hydration during the day.

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Nourishing creams solve several problems at once. They provide your skin with vitamins and trace elements, increase skin density, soften, protect it from irritations and prevent the appearance of fine lines. Nourishing creams can be used 1-2 times a day – in the evening necessarily, in the morning during the cold season, when the skin needs “increased nutrition. Pay attention to the composition of such creams. A good idea is if the cream contains youth and beauty vitamin E, vitamin A, as well as magnesium and calcium, important for strengthening cell membranes. Synthetic oils (also called mineral oils) are not desirable, as they clog pores easily and can cause allergies. Apply the nourishing cream half an hour before night sleep in the evening, and half an hour before going out in the morning.

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What to protect your skin from? Protect against external factors such as wind, dust, snow, active ultraviolet rays, depending on the season. In summer to protect our skin we use sunscreens with an SPF factor of 30 or more, and in the cold season we use winter creams with a special dense texture, with a high percentage of fat content (oils) from 60%. Shea butter and cocoa butter are considered traditional “winter” oils. Cosmetic silicones are used to create the thinnest protective film on the skin surface.

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