facial treatment with daily skincare It is something that is very important to the face. But sometimes a simple facial moisturizer may not be enough. Especially for those who have little time or not enough rest It is necessary to deeply nourish the skin. The perfect time for skin care most deeply is during the night with Sleeping mask.

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Slipping mask, products, face mask during the night without rinsing Rich in ingredients from vitamins to nourish the skin Helps restore the skin from deterioration to be fresh and bright overnight, so you wake up with a full face, healthy skin.

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  1. Sulwhasoo Invigorating Sleeping Mask

Sulwhasoo Invigorating Sleeping Mask, a premium Korean formula mask, is very popular, although the price is high, but the results are worth it. Can restore the skin to make your skin fuller, firmer, and look smooth overnight. With valuable ingredients that help fight wrinkles and nourish the skin to be healthy. With DAA extracted from red pine that increases the concentration to 2 times, enhancing the anti-aging effect to make the skin look younger than ever Red Pine RPPC, which is extracted from the bark of the red pine tree. Helps skin look radiant and radiant. The creamy mask is smooth and smooth on the skin. It absorbs well into the skin and instantly replenishes moisture.

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Product Highlights

– Helps reduce wrinkles Tighten skin overnight


  1. Yves Rocher White Botanical Lightening Sleeping Mask

Yves Rocher White Botanical Lightening Sleeping Mask Organic Formula Mask Selected natural ingredients do not contain mineral oil. Licorice root extract inhibits the production of subcutaneous pigment. helps reduce dark spots Effectively reduce dark circles White lupine extract stimulates the skin to synthesize proteins needed to fill in the wrinkles or creases of the skin. Increase radiance and reduce wrinkles revealing clear skin Dark spots look faded in 14 days. Skin is moisturized and radiant from the first night. The gel-textured sleeping mask is gently absorbed into the skin.

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Product Highlights

– Gel mask Reduce wrinkles and dark spots


  1. LANEIGE Time Freeze Firming Sleeping Mask

For the brand LANEIGE is very outstanding in mask products that help restore damaged skin urgently. LANEIGE Time Freeze Firming Sleeping Mask is a sleeping mask that combines many technologies that are exclusive to Laneige. Whether it is technology, Sleep-Tight™ helps restore skin overnight, combined with Shape Memory Gel technology to envelop the skin for a lifted look. Restores deep density to the skin network layer effectively You can feel the results the first time you use it. When used regularly, you can feel that your skin is firm, firm, and radiant. Tighten pores and Dynamic Collagen_EXTM technology. Stimulates the production of collagen in the skin layer and manages 5 signs of skin aging directly. Dryness, texture, age spots, enlarged pores and uneven skin tone. Skin looks smooth, radiant, and looks younger.

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Product Highlights

– Embrace the skin to be lifted deep into the skin network layer. Radiant, smooth, youthful skin


  1. Vichy Aqualia Thermal Night Spa

Vichy Aqualia Thermal Night Spa, a turquoise blue gel-cream gel-cream at night. Answer for those who have dry skin. The skin deteriorates from not getting enough rest. tired skin to come back alive again Just apply this mask like you have done a skin spa. With 5 valuable ingredients consisting of


– Vichy mineral water, rich in all 15 minerals to balance the skin’s pH for healthy skin. Prevents dry skin

– Ginkgo extract (Ginkgo) is an antioxidant. Helps maintain healthy skin

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– Squalane (Squalane) has a similar structure to the oil that coats the face. Helps prevent dry skin, moisturizes deeply.

– Hyaluronic Acid and Aquabioryl help retain water in the skin. Prevents the loss of moisture in the skin.

– Shea Butter helps nourish the skin to be moisturized.

How to use The cream should be gently massaged in circular motions and massaged over the face with palms for about 30 seconds to relax the face and allow the gel texture to penetrate deeply into the skin.


Product Highlights

– Rejuvenate the skin from fatigue Reduce dryness, smooth, soft, radiant skin with a mixture of mineral water. Combined with hyaluronic acid and aqua bioril

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  1. Innisfree Brightening pore sleeping mask

Innisfree Brightening pore sleeping mask The gel mask has white capsules that are rich in skin nourishing vitamins from natural extracts. effective in reducing dark spots Tighten enlarged pores to narrow. Ready to adjust the skin color to be consistent, reduce dark circles Nourish the skin to be white and bright. Key ingredients consist of extracts from orange peel. Hallabong, Jeju’s signature winter fruit Rich in 3 types of vitamins, Vitamin B3 helps reduce melanin pigment production. Reduce dark spots, vitamin B5 gently soothes the skin and vitamin C is an antioxidant that stimulates collagen production. and reduce the production of melanin pigment Therefore, it is a sleeping mask that focuses on whiteness. Reduce dark spots effectively The gel texture has a light scent that helps refresh, relax, wake up with clear skin.

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Product Highlights

– Reduce dark spots, soften skin, moisturize, look radiant with a mixture of extracts from orange peel Hallabong.

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