As a developer, you probably wonder how to avoid construction project delays. Project delays are a cause of concern because they cost money. This is because the cost of financing increases while revenue decreases. Therefore, it is in your best interest to understand what causes project delays and how to mitigate them.

Main reasons for construction projects delay

Role of a project manager is to identify risks and contain them before losses are incurred. It is imperative that you have the right individual for the task at hand, as this can be the difference between winning and losing. Much like one does not expect Miami Heat to compete in the NFL when they specialise in basketball, or expect Fair Credit Attorneys to handle criminal cases when the specialise in consumer protection laws.

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Poor planning

The most important phase of construction is the planning stage. Project managers should set clear goals, establish reasonable timelines, and predict risks. The project manager should also have a strategy on how to get back on schedule in case there is a delay.


When planning for a construction project, you must determine the project goals, define the project’s scope, and have a smooth design process. You can plan the project manually or use AI-powered construction software to make the process seamless, such as this solution:


These AI platforms are designed for planning and scheduling your construction project. If the plan is not feasible, the platform will let you know. According to Project Management Institute (PMI), poor planning resulted in the loss of $97 million for every $1 billion invested.

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AI scheduling platforms can simulate project outcomes and create efficient schedules based on a number of factors such as the budget, labor, and equipment.

Budget miscalculations

Another reason for project delays is poor budget calculations. Several factors can cause budget miscalculations, one of them being externalities. A good example is when a property developer fails to factor in tax costs when importing machinery. Another example is when a major raw material exporter suddenly increases costs, causing a budget shortfall.

Poor communication

Poor communication resorts to project delays because important key players in the project cannot coordinate. A good and effective communication channel will ensure that everybody is accountable, and when risks are identified, they are easily solved. Every construction project should have a clear chain of communication that flows from seniors to juniors.

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The best way to do this is to use modern technologies that ensure accountability and for documents to be easily shared between different industry stakeholders. Other factors that affect construction projects include severe weather events, supply chain problems, and unskilled labor.

7 ways to mitigate construction project delays

1.   Provide accurate estimates

You can use certain strategies to ensure your estimates are accurate. The first is to use the unit pricing method because it enables contractors to determine the true cost of a given product. For example, if you require 10 bags of cement, you will have to state the unit cost of one bag multiplied by 10.

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Another way to ensure that you provide accurate statements is to look at past similar projects.


Lastly, you can provide an accurate estimate if you factor in externalities such as delays due to national holidays, employee leave, and weather events that might affect operations.

2.   Hire a good construction manager

A construction manager is an individual in charge of a construction project. Their main goal is to ensure that the project is feasible, remains within budget, and is completed on time. A good construction manager should have project management skills, document management skills, and technical skills.


A project manager can also leverage software such as an AI-powered construction platform which can aid in identifying risks that can derail a construction project.

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3.   Learn how to manage your materials effectively

Did you know that construction workers spend more than 90 minutes looking for tools and misplaced equipment per day? If you do the math, that’s more than 20,000 hours lost a year when you have a team of 50 workers. One way to mitigate construction project delays is to ensure that your workers can easily find these tools and the material is easily accessible.


You can ensure the material is easily accessible if you eliminate duplicate handling, such as refraining from moving the materials more than once. Another strategy is to minimize the distance people need to get the material. Ideally, the material should be at the site, and the project manager should liaise with suppliers to ensure timely delivery of these materials.

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4. Thoroughly review designs

Before building, architects and contractors must thoroughly review the design and ensure the project is good to go. Another benefit of reviewing the design with key industry players is that they can communicate and identify errors that could have been costly to rectify. It’s not uncommon for errors to delay a project by several months.

You need to ensure that you go over both the internal as well as the external design plans. If you have garden areas and driveways in your house, you need to make sure that they are covered by beautiful grates that combine aesthetics and keep leaves, tree branches and twigs out. Make sure that you are working with a great company that is supplying drain grates in Singapore.

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5. Ensure effective communication

As a property developer, it is your responsibility to ensure effective communication is achieved. This means that all key players in the industry, from contractors to subcontractors, need a communication channel where they can easily identify risks and hold each other accountable.


The communication technology used should be able to organize schedules and be mobile compatible. The technology should also make it easy for key players to update their job progress and send documents to each other.

6. Factor in weather delays

Some externalities cannot be controlled, such as weather. For this reason, product managers should always factor in weather delays by creating a flexible schedule.

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7. Streamline the approval process

Another way to mitigate construction delays is to streamline the approval process, which involves key players such as architects, engineers, and contractors. In most cases, an approval delay by one key player can cause a delay in the entire project because other key players can not proceed without the approval.


Developers should streamline the approval process using cloud-based solutions instead of paper. The cloud-based solution should be able to store and share documents. Another good feature to consider is custom reporting to create status reports of each task.


As the project progresses, all key players should identify risks and mitigate them before they cause construction delays. One way to do this is to use a suitable AI-based platform such as ALICE Technologies.

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