It is finally the time that teachers and students had been eagerly waiting for. Offline classes have resumed and schools, colleges, coaching centres and tuition classes have reopened for all the students. For over two years now, educational institutions have been functioning in the online mode. Teachers and students have been doing all the activities related to education using online platforms and online tools.


This system also became very popular among the students and teachers across the world and helped them continue teaching and learning using the online resources and also books and videos from anywhere on the internet. The online system of education offered flexibility. This system made it possible for the teachers and the students to be present anywhere and attend classes. It also allowed the students to learn from anywhere using mobile apps and software. The online system of education made education more inclusive.

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Professionals from various fields ventured into the field of education by starting their own online courses to teach online or by sharing live videos related to the subjects they were experts in or by conducting workshops online to train students on topics that are beneficial to them. Similarly, online learning was not only beneficial for the students who are enrolled in school or college or any other formal educational institution but also for professionals who have been working for a few years.


Online learning tools have been extensively used by professionals who wished to upskill for a new job or a promotion or by those professionals who wished to learn more about their fields to understand their jobs better and be able to perform better at work. The online education system offered more opportunities to everyone. This system of education made it evident that education should not be limited to the four walls of a classroom or be bound by textbooks and notebooks but should be a continuous process and should help the students in using and applying their knowledge in all the right places.

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Initially, teachers and students wanted the offline classes to resume soon and they wished to get back to their traditional classrooms to continue their lessons. This was mainly because of how familiar they were with the offline system. The pandemic situation did not improve so much that educational institutions could reopen for all the students but now the situation looks good. The COVID-19 positive cases being reported are very few and most people in the country and across the world have been vaccinated.


This makes it possible for educational institutions to reopen and classes to resume in the offline mode. Offline classes in almost all educational institutions in India have resumed at the beginning of this month. Even students who are in elementary school and kindergarten are now going to school in the offline mode and attending regular offline classes.

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Teachers have played a major role in encouraging the students to attend classes regularly and be punctual for their classes and also be up to date with their homework and assignments. Tools like anecdotes, stories and motivational quotes for students have proven useful for this. Teachers and students have all equally prepared for being back in their classrooms and start all over with full enthusiasm. There is a new vigour and dedication that is seen and offline classes will now be better if the right online tools are also put to use alongside.


While everyone was eagerly waiting for offline classes to resume, there has also been a little debate about whether it is safe to send the students back to school or college or not. This has come from a place of concern, especially from the parents of the younger school students and those college students who would have to travel to a new city for their classes. Parents are concerned about the health risks that the students might face and are worried about their well being.

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This is a valid concern and school or college authorities can play a major role in assuring the students and their parents of the safety on campus. Strict measures must be taken by the authorities and COVID-19 protocol must be followed. Everyone on campus must use a face mask and a sanitiser and proper social distance must be maintained by the students and the teachers.


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