Tables are unarguably among the most functional items of furniture in every home. Table covers have two roles to perform; protecting the table’s surface from scratches and food spills and lending an aesthetic appeal to the home décor. It is for this reason; you need to know how to choose the perfect tablecloth for your needs, especially when you need to keep in mind the occasion, your sense of aesthetics, and the different shapes and sizes of your tables. Some essential tips

Occasions for Using Table Covers

You require table covers for everyday dining but also when you invite guests home for a formal dinner when you would like to show how gracefully you live and how welcome your guests are. When deciding on the cover you would like to use for the occasion, you need to consider many aspects like the kind of fabric, its texture, color, pattern as well as the shape and size that will serve to highlight your table setting. Additionally, your table covers must also go well with your home décor style and the theme of the occasion, if any. When the occasions range from birthdays to anniversaries, weddings, baby showers, religious and cultural observances, graduation parties, or even casual get-togethers, you will realize buying just one type of cover will not suffice.

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Table Cover Fabrics

When you are out buying covers for your tables, the kind you need to get depends a lot on the kind of occasion and the profile of your guests. If the covers need to do duty at a formal occasion for important guests, you will need to consider expensive and elegant fabrics like silk, satin, velvet, lace, etc., while for lower profile occasions, you can use polyester, cotton, twill, vinyl, and more. If you are hosting an outdoor party with a lot of guests for a party for children, you may do well to use disposable covers and napkins. In addition to the kind of fabric you choose, you need to also pay attention to the texture, patterns, and colors to create the right impact.

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Colors and Patterns

With tablecloths available in a large assortment of colors and patterns, choosing one can be somewhat difficult unless you boil it down to the basics of specifying the kind of occasion, the profile of the guests, and the kind of statement you would like to make. For formal occasions, white is still considered the best choice; however, you can pair it with a solid black for a stunning presentation. The rule to follow is keeping the cover simple if you have a stunning centerpiece or keeping the centerpiece simple when your covers are ornate. For casual occasions, you can use bright and cheerful colors, according to the season or the occasion. According to HuffPost, patterns can add visual interest to the tablecloth.

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Choosing tablecloths can seem to be simple and but when you delve a little deeper into it, you will realize that there are many aspects you need to consider for a proper choice that will please your guests and also underline your aesthetic sense. Taking a balanced view will invariably get you the best results.

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