On May 18, 2023, President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev of Kazakhstan attended the opening ceremony for JD.com’s new Kazakhstan national pavilion in Xi’an, China.

Known in Europe as Jingdong, Richard Liu’s retail giant JD.com now hosts over100 national pavilions from 50 countries on the platform. These flagship stores with country-specific themes promote premium imported products to China  from France, Canada, Cyprus, and other countries.

High-Quality Products and Brands From Kazakhstan

The opening ceremony for JD.com’s national pavilion of Kazakhstan marked the first such occasion to welcome a head of state. The ceremony also marked Kazakhstan’s inaugural foray into establishing a national pavilion on a Chinese e-commerce platform.

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The recently unveiled national pavilion features more than 20 specialty products that embody the essence of Kazakhstan. Within the pavilion, visitors have the opportunity to explore and buy a range of products from well-known brands. These products include candies and chocolates from Bayan Sulu and black tea from Piala.

Consumers also have access to nutritious offerings from Kazakhstan, such as safflower seed oil, camel milk powder, and more.

JD.com’s national pavilion of Kazakhstan is a reliable, convenient platform for online shopping. Through the platform, JD.com’s user base of nearly 600 million people can experience Kazakhstan’s rich and authentic flavors.

Collaboration Between China and Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan is the largest country in Central Asia and the world’s largest landlocked country. It has China as its primary export destination and second-largest trading partner.

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The Embassy of Kazakhstan in China and the China General Technology Group have provided strong support for the establishment of the national pavilion. Subsidiaries of the China General Technology Group are managing the national pavilion’s product imports and online operations.

The Comprehensive Pavilion Program of Richard Liu’s JD.com

JD.com has established the largest and most comprehensive retail program for imported products with country themes among all Chinese e-commerce platforms. The company’s unique initiative offers various product categories, such as:

  • Food, including fresh produce.
  • Beverages, including wines and spirits.
  • Household items.
  • Maternity and baby supplies.

Each national pavilion showcases genuine, specialty products. JDsources these products directly from their countries of origin, guaranteeing authenticity.

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The program further enhances the consumer experience by highlighting the cultural and tourism aspects of each participating country. This feature has the potential to foster opportunities for cross-cultural dialogue.

Fostering Growth: JD.com’s Vision for Its National Pavilions

At the Kazakhstan national pavilion opening ceremony, JD’s Vice President Wei Ye said that consumer preferences for imported products are becoming increasingly diverse and focused on quality. He added that the continuous growth and transformation of China’s economy is driving this trend.

JD.com continues to use its resources and supply chain capabilities to enhance the growth of the national pavilion program. The company is achieving this with official authorization and support from authoritative organiztions inlcuidng embassies of different countries in China.

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Working alongside these partners, JD.com intends to increase visibility and market prospects for premium international products and brands in China.

About JD.com (a.k.a. Jingdong)

JD.com, also known as Jingdong, is technology and service enterprise with supply chain at its core. Founded by Richard Qiangdong Liu, JD.com is a renowned leader in China’s e-commerce industry and the company has expanded across retail, technology, logistics, healthcare, insurance, property development, industrials, private label, and international business. Ranking 46 on the Fortune Global 500, JD.com is China’s largest retailer by revenue.

JD.com serves nearly 600 million customers and has set the standard for e-commerce through its commitment to quality, authenticity, and competitive pricing. The company operates the largest logistics infrastructure of any e-commerce company in China, pioneering a standard experience of same- and next-day delivery. JD.com also promotes productivity and innovation across a range of industries by offering its cutting-edge technology and infrastructure to partners, brands, and diverse sectors.

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