Most people are uneasy about how new technology changes work and the world. They may not admit it, but it’s true. The survey was by global PwC. Over half of its 22,000 respondents think automation will change their jobs. They believe it will make their jobs obsolete in the next ten years. But that doesn’t mean they’re living in fear. Surprisingly, 61 percent were excited or optimistic about technology’s impact on their jobs. For example, companies like BetLabel are exploring leveraging these advancements, suggesting a future where technology enhances rather than replaces human work.

The Big Question is: What Will the Future Look Like?

I like to call it Human X. It’s a belief that the next wave of tech innovation isn’t about taking humans out of the equation. Instead, it’s about increasing our ability to work better. We do this by working more intelligently and more seamlessly using technology. That’s already happening. The essential eight technologies, including AI and virtual reality, are converging. They are creating new ways of working and living.

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We’re seeing this evolution come to life today in our Lab and in pilots we’re working on with clients. Humanizing through technology will also be the focus of our Emerging Tech Exchange this week. I’ll meet with business and academic leaders. We will explore how to add new tech to our lives. We will also examine how this tech can strengthen us and support our humanity.

Get a glimpse of the six trends driving this innovation in 2020, and see our infographic below to learn more:

Extended Reality

This term is an umbrella term. It describes a continuum from physical to digital reality. It includes virtual, mixed, and augmented reality. Extended Reality (XR) mixes the real world with digital magic. It covers everything from virtual reality (VR) to VR. It takes you to completely digital places. It also covers Mixed Reality (MR). MR mixes real and digital things you can touch and play with. It also includes Augmented Reality (AR). AR pops digital stuff into the real world through your phone or glasses. It’s not for fun and games. It’s for learning, training, and even helping doctors during surgeries. XR is changing how we work, learn, and play by making our digital and physical worlds come together in extraordinary new ways.

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Automating Trust

Using cool tech like blockchain, AI, and IoT helps ensure everything online is safe and fair. Blockchain keeps all records safe so that no one can change them. AI checks if people are who they say they are and looks out for anything suspicious. IoT lets gadgets talk to each other, ensuring packages stay cold until they reach you. These technologies make the digital world safer. They make it better for business and interaction.

Immersive Interfaces

These are easy ways for people, computers, and digital systems to talk. They include voice, touch, and emotion. Immersive Interfaces are excellent. They are new ways to talk to computers and the digital world. They make it feel easy and natural. Instead of using keyboards and mice, you can use your voice, touch, or feelings to control things. Imagine changing a game with a wave of your hand or asking an app to do something by talking to it. These intelligent technologies can understand your gestures and emotions. They make using gadgets a lot more fun and easy. It’s like having a futuristic conversation where your computer gets you.

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Working Autonomy

Transitioning manual processes to digital ones requires the integration of automation, robotics, and intelligent systems, unlocking the immense value that can be derived when they operate in unison. Working Autonomy means letting robots and smart systems do the work. They do it instead of people. It’s like having a robot team that learns and improves at tasks over time. This makes things faster and more intelligent, opening up incredible new ways to work and innovate. It’s a big step up in making jobs more accessible and more efficient.

Digital Reflection

This allows a virtual copy of a natural product or process to be examined. It can be experimented on or experienced. It helps to understand its environment and life cycle. Digital Reflection is like making a video game version of a real thing. You can test and learn without using the real one. It helps you understand how something works from start to finish. It lets you first try changes or fixes in a digital world. It’s an intelligent way to improve, save money, and develop cool new ideas.

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Hyperconnected Networks

It leverages agile, purpose-built networks and pervasive IoT infrastructure to connect everyone and everything, enabling seamless interactions between humans and autonomous systems. Hyperconnected networks are like giant, super-smart group chats for people and gadgets. They use fast networks and many Internet-connected devices. They use them to let all things talk with each other. It’s all about making things work together better. It might be your phone chatting with your fridge. It also might be people giving commands to robots. This makes life easier and opens up incredible new ways to live and work, making everything more connected.


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