You quickly get used to good things and start abusing them. Many people don’t part with their smartphones during meals, hygiene procedures, when falling asleep, or even when sleeping. They keep gambling at the BetAmo Casino and chatting with friends even when they are already in bed. Is it dangerous? Let’s find out. You will learn why it’s better to forget about your phone for a while before going to sleep, whether you should be afraid of blue light from the screen, and learn how to use your cell phone to your advantage while falling asleep.

Is it Possible to Use a Smartphone Before Going to Bed?

Blue light is a wave that comes from the LEDs on the screen. Radiation surrounds us everywhere: every day we spend hours behind computer screens and smartphones. Opinions vary on the harm blue light does to the body.

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There are studies that say that this radiation suppresses the production of the sleep hormone and increases the production of the stress hormone cortisol. International health commissions and WHO reassure users and do not consider blue light from screens dangerous to life and health, but they warn about the risks. Last year, scientists disproved the myth about harmful radiation.

An Alternative to the Phone Before Bedtime

If you want to improve the quality of your sleep, how can you replace scrolling through social media and watching movies on your phone?

Smart Speakers

If you’ve decided to shield yourself from bright lights before bed, replace your usual visual entertainment with auditory entertainment. Talk to a voice assistant. Ask it to turn on an audiobook or nature sounds. Listen to pleasant, relaxing music, especially classical music.

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An alternative to the phone for book lovers are paper books, which we began to forget about with the advent of online libraries and online reading services. Turn on your desk lamp, dim the lights, and immerse yourself in the literary world without harming your sleep. Remember the crunch and smell of paper.

Paper Personal Journal

Describe what happened to you, what insights came to you, what plans you made for the day ahead, and the morning after, rewrite your post on social media. This way, you won’t lose the thought, and you won’t give up your habit.


It’s hard to give up your smartphone before bed because it’s become a habit. Try replacing social media scrolling with new rituals that will relax you and set you up for quality rest. Take a bath with scented candles, do some stretching, practice yoga on a mat to relax your muscles, and let go of unnecessary thoughts before bedtime.

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The Best Apps for a Better Sleep


For social media addicts, an app where all you have to do is click on the screen can be useful. To limit screen time and avoid the temptation to look at notifications and reply to messages, plant a small tree. It grows as long as you don’t leave the app, and if you do, you lose progress and have to start all over again. So you can set a goal to grow the plant to a certain level and then go to sleep.


According to the developers of the app, it’s recommended by neuropsychologists and sleep experts. Extensive audio content and natural sounds will soothe you and help you fall asleep quickly. With the help of the utility, you can monitor your sleep indicators and note what their quality depends on.

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An app for meditations. They help you relax and tune in to sleep. Even if you are not a supporter of esotericism, you can treat this practice as relaxation. Meditopia’s specialty is a section with tales for adults. Listen to legends and stories performed by famous actors and fall asleep to the lulling voice of the announcer.

What Mode Should You Set Your Phone to at Night?

To achieve deep and healthy sleep, you need to eliminate the factors that will wake you up. You can put your phone away in another room, but it’s enough to turn off notifications. This can be done in several ways:

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Set up a “Do Not Disturb” Mode

Specify which apps you want to disable notifications from and which users you expect calls from even when the feature is enabled. Don’t forget to allow notifications from the alarm clock.

Put Your Phone in Airplane Mode

This is a less time-consuming but effective method. Keep in mind that then no one will be able to reach you, and sounds from apps will still have to be turned off.

Set up a Screen Time Limit on Social Media

Your phone itself will alert you when it’s time to put your smartphone away.


To shield yourself from bright lights, turn on a dark theme on your phone. By the way, Wi-Fi has no effect on your health or quality of sleep, so don’t be fanatical about limiting scrolling and don’t turn off your router.

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