Wedding diamonds have a special place in our hearts. Whenever we look at our rings and engagement bands, all the happy memories come back to us. Thus you must carefully select a ring for yourself or your partner. The more time you take, the better choice you can make.

Every market has an endless variety of wedding sets and proposal rings. It might confuse you. So, consider a few factors before purchasing a piece of jewelry. Don’t make a random choice because it will be regretful in the future.

What Factors to Consider before Buying Solitaire Lab-Created Diamond Rings?


When considering wedding bands for women and men, think about the style, color, and every other aspect. You might want matching bands or something customized to your taste.

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There are several matters to ponder upon but start with the following:

1. Budget

Your budget is the most significant factor before anything else. Decide how much money you want to spend on your diamond wedding band. If you want diamond wedding sets, consider how much it will cost you. Lab-grown diamond engagement rings cost cheaper, in some cases, than mined diamonds. So allocate a fixed budget at the start.

Once you are clear about your budget, you will have a better idea of which wedding band you can consider. Even jewelers ask about your budget before recommending any piece of jewelry to you.

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There is no harm in spending less on a ring. Instead of feeling guilty, buy something within your budget because it is a token of your love. You can always upgrade it later on when you have the funds.

2. Diamond Shape

A diamond shape is another factor to consider because it will affect the price and overall look of the ring. Every diamond shape has its price range. For example, pear-shaped rings cost less in comparison to round cuts. So if your budget is limited, you can directly jump to the pear cut rings.

The shape of the diamond also affects how the ring will look on your finger. Thus, research shapes before visiting the market. See which shapes are in demand and decide accordingly. Once you carefully choose the diamond shape, you will fall in love with the ring in no time.

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3. Metal for the Band

After picking the perfect diamond shape, it’s time to choose the metal you prefer for your ring. Usually, there are four popular options:

  • White gold
  • Yellow gold
  • Silver
  • Platinum

These are the most commonly used options but rose gold is also becoming a favorite. Each option has a different price tag, but platinum is relatively expensive.

A metal that is least likely to get damaged or scratched is the ideal choice.

4. Setting Style

If the ring’s setting isn’t perfect, it will not shine on your hand. So make sure the stone is at the center of the ring. There are multiple options available, but a classic round ring setting will look more elegant. Still, you can test and try other options.

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5. Time for the Customized Ring

Several jewelers take a few weeks to prepare wedding sets and wedding rings for women and men. So, if you need a customized diamond wedding band for your proposal, keep the time in mind. Order a ring in advance and then decide on the proposal. Always give your jeweler some breathing room.

6. Color of the Diamond

Diamonds shine regardless of how big or small they are. A white diamond will go along with every dress, but you could also pick different colored diamonds. It’s easy to find lab-created diamond rings in several attractive colors like pink, yellow and blue. There is no harm in opting for something different than others.

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7. Getting Something Similar to Your Partner

It’s acceptable to choose diamond jewelry in pairs. If the groom and bride choose similar rings, it becomes even more memorable. If you don’t have an idea of what your partner might choose, ask a friend or a sibling of your spouse. It could be one of the best surprises for your partner.

8. Carat Size

When choosing the perfect lab-grown diamond engagement ring, ponder over the carat size you prefer. Some brides like a massive stone on their finger, while others prefer something sleek. So, you cannot ignore the carat size.

If the weight of the diamond is too much, your finger might feel uncomfortable. Moreover, it is difficult to carry it around every day. The ideal choice for your ring could be a one-carat diamond. It will neither be too heavy nor too small.

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9. The Shape of Your Hand

Your diamond jewelry is supposed to make you look prettier and more appealing. So, pick a proposal ring that makes your hands shine. Try out different shapes and styles on your fingers and decide after you feel satisfied.

There are a few rings that might not suit the structure of your hand. For example, individuals with small hands can opt for oval-shaped rings to create an illusion of length. Remember that what suits another person might not look good on you.

It’s better to go to a jeweler in person. You can try on different samples and give an exact measurement. Anything too small or large will create problems for you.

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10. Certified Diamonds

Buying a diamond can cost a fortune. So, make sure whatever you buy is certified by an accredited lab. Sometimes, you get great deals, but it might be an illusion, and the quality of the diamond isn’t worth the price.

Therefore, get your diamonds checked by experts. It is better to shop at stores with a good reputation or someplace known to you. Until the stone isn’t certified, don’t even think of purchasing it.


Your wedding jewelry can cost you a lot, so you must be careful while buying it. Always go for certified and trustable dealers. Don’t fall for anyone’s malicious schemes. Study every aspect in detail. From the color to the design, and size of the diamond, everything should be thought upon.

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Finding your dream ring can be time-taking, but it’s not an impossible task. If you ponder over these factors, you will be able to obtain a beautiful ring within your desired budget. An engagement ring is a symbol of commitment so keep those emotions in mind before making a choice.


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