Cannabidiol (CBD) tinctures were a primary resource for pain relief before aspirin came on the scene. These dates back well before “cannabis prohibition” took effect. While the delivery form was and is exceptionally popular, many are still unfamiliar with the method and facts on its use.


That’s why it’s essential if you have an interest in pursuing CBD for self-care to do your research of the cannabinoid, specifically the tincture, since many newbies to the products choose this delivery as their starting consumption method.


The tincture boasts among the healthiest and most efficient of the CBD products providing a rapid response with a straightforward administration process. The convenience and ease of dosing are reasons the option is most favorable for the beginning cannabidiol user. Still, many seasoned consumers prefer the method as well due to its purported efficacy.

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CBD Oil Tincture


Both new and seasoned cannabidiol users lean towards consuming the CBD oil tinctures for individual reasons. Still, there are many facts that each of these groups is unaware of regarding the delivery method, making it necessary to engage in much research to learn the facts.


It’s crucial to gain a thorough knowledge of the specific products you choose for consumption, not to mention the cannabinoid, particularly as a newcomer to the tincture. A few facts that you should follow:


  • The method is age-old


Tinctures outrank aspirin as the primary pain reliever before “cannabis prohibition.” You’ll find the “U.S. Pharmacopeia has “cannabis-infused extracts” known currently as tinctures listed as remedies for many ailments like tonsillitis, tetanus, alcoholism, gout, cholera, menstrual cramps, arthritis, and on – back in the day.

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In the early 20th century, tinctures (patented-cannabis) were available to customers over-the-counter for consumers.


●     Controlled dosage


Tincture doses are administered by placing measured drops sublingually or under the tongue. The technique is preferred for users who want a rapid response due to its efficiency with immediate arterial absorption traveling to the body and brain.


When a dose is not adequate, you can “tweak” the liquid measurement to enhance the effect other pre-measured methods might not allow. The suggestion is always to start with the smallest dose and increase in exceptionally minimal quantities only until there’s a positive response. That’s to avoid a tolerance from developing.

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●     Varied types


By definition, the indication is that a tincture is primarily made using alcohol for the solvent. But some options use vinegar or glycerin and oils that use carrier oils like MTC or olive oil, but the suggestion is that these are considered in technicality as “elixirs.”


While there is debate concerning whether tincture or oils are better, the choice is subjective, although olive oil boasts an extended shelf life plus proves to be a healthy option. Learn the difference between CBD oil and tincture at


●     Discretion is an asset


Many people prefer to keep their usage private instead of dealing with questions from others surrounding them concerning what they’re taking. Unlike some other delivery methods like vapor or smoking the dried whole flower, the tincture is discreet, with no fear of an odor upon consumption.

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The only tool required is the glass bottle with the dropper lid with administration requiring only to drop some of the liquid under the tongue. The bottle is portable. You can also put the drops in beverages, with certain food products or even infuse them into gel caps.


Doing so does, however, change the delivery so a rapid response will not be likely since these methods will send the compound to the digestive tract.


●     Rapid response


When taking a tincture dose in the traditional sense, under the tongue, the drops absorb directly into the bloodstream bypassing the digestive tract providing a more rapid response than when swallowing immediately.

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That can mean a user will see results as soon as 15 minutes with effects lasting as long as three hours. A higher-quality product will allow more efficient absorbability than any consumption technique.


Effects will vary from person to person with varied results, benefits, reactions, and on. Pay attention to the potency when purchasing the product and ensure that the initial dose is minimal with gradual increases until reaching the desired effect.


Tinctures are typically more potent than any other consumable, making it necessary to start with the most minimal dose allowing the body to acclimate to the substance for a few days before graduating.

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●     Store the tincture adequately


Tinctures come in dark glass dropper bottles to avoid UV rays. Light and heat have the potential for degrading cannabinoids. The tincture needs to be stored in their opaque glass (airtight) bottle in cooler temperatures.


If you make your own product, avoid using a plastic bottle for liquid placement with the substance no greater than room temperature for the most efficient results.


Final Thought


Research today is still ongoing, with studies showing promise to the cannabinoids’ efficacy in the area of self-care and wellness. Anecdotally reports are overwhelmingly positive regarding CBD efficacy. And the cannabidiol tincture itself is a bit of a celebrity from back in the day.

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Its history is extensive and prominent, much of which has unfortunately been “erased” from the public’s attention since the “cannabis prohibition.” Most people are unaware of how the product was once used and what it was believed to be capable of.


We’ll have to wait and see what the future will hold for the CBD tincture. Perhaps it will regain its stature since its popularity is gaining steam as among the most preferred consumables with the incredible efficiency and the healthiest thus far. (Read which audience the product is most directed towards here.)

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