Choosing a path in career is one of the most significant decisions of life. This is not only limited to choosing the right one for yourself but it also defines or decides what kind of life you’re going to lead. For many people, a career is concerned with well being and employment. The sum of all the jobs one does in a lifespan also corresponds to the term career. However, just this limits the understanding of the word “career” which is in reality a term that covers broad strata of meaning. Career involves all the decisions that one takes in life either in working or studying life. These decisions have the power to direct you in multiple aspects like education, society, spiritual well being, politics and even economy.


What can appropriate career decisions lead to? A decision is always a response to an issue, concern or a genuine problem and concerns with choosing something. Choosing a right career can not give definition to your life in a better way but also can become the right complement to your personal attributes, making you realize those values that you abide by.


Success in a career is a very subjective term, it depends upon person to person. For some it is material accumulation and finance while for some others it means fame and recognition. For some, it can even be spiritual growth and attainment of peace in life amidst chaotic situations that anyone and everyone faces in life. Some others believe that success means reaching that zone where they know they have contributed to society or the environment at large. Successful career is therefore a vast term that incorporates within myriads of aspects and ambition. But where does this start from? It begins from elementary level. When people are made aware of this concept early on in their lives, only then it stays in the mind of an individual in a lasting manner. This can really push one to strive for excellence. Introducing career counseling and making it a part of school curriculum is the best way to inculcate the spirit of success in children. The purpose remains to imbibe within people the urge to work hard relentlessly and a strong sense of achievement thereafter. This is more impactful in elementary ages, in the naive and soft stage one is in beginning is responsible for shaping up personality.


In the current times, a plethora of opportunities have arisen to suit the modern way of living life that suits a wide range of attitudes and interests of people. Amidst this, a career is not just limited to becoming a doctor or an engineer. Sometimes, this very availability of a variety of options can make students indecisive. That’s where career counseling comes in. The need of the hour becomes to make students aware of this, making them realize as to which way is most suitable for them and persuading them to work for achieving their dreams. Career counseling to school students helps them pick the course they want to pursue which in turn can give them the desirable job. To provide ease, it can also happen online using an education app or even live video chat. Career counseling helps students to make crucial decisions in their life, save their time and most importantly they get a direction to work in.


With career counseling, students can pick the field that can complement their interests and skills. From a wide range of options to choose from, career counseling can direct students to a path of self discovery to cherish deepest values in life through endeavors.

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