Night is a unique time when any activity becomes special and not like a similar event held during the day. For lovers of hunting, the dark time of the day is not a priority. At the same time, it allows you to get new sensations from your favorite business and gives a lot of positive emotions. To achieve your goals, you need to properly prepare. To do this, you should collect the necessary equipment and do not forget to take a few useful devices with you.

List of night hunting gear

Hunting during the day is much easier than at night. At the same time, daylight hours will not be able to give the emotions received during the night shooting of animals. It is because of this that experienced hunters gradually accustom themselves to the new time for this event. In order for it to be truly interesting and beneficial, you need to carefully prepare. One of the main stages of such training will be the search for equipment that may be needed in a given situation.

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Two types of devices can be used during night hunting. One of them includes gadgets designed to improve the image, and the other – thermal imagers. Devices of the first type capture the light reflected from various animate and inanimate objects. After that, they transform it, creating a brighter and clearer picture that the human eye can see. Thermal imagers work differently. They collect not light, but thermal radiation, on the basis of which they create an image of the observed territory. In both cases, the user can see various objects and quickly identify them.

The main devices suitable for night hunting:

  1. NV cameras. This technique is rarely used by hunters. However, in some cases it is quite effective and helps to remotely detect the location of animals. Most often, cameras are installed in places where the paths of mammals pass. They connect to an iPhone or smartphone via a wireless connection and make it possible to observe ongoing events from a great distance. All visual information is sent to the hunter in real time, which gives him a huge advantage over the animal. Not all cameras are suitable for hunting. Selected models must support wireless technology, have high resolution, and are also compact. Only in this case, the animal will not notice a foreign object, and the person will receive a high-quality picture of a certain area.
  2. NV monoculars. This optic should be in every hunter’s backpack. It stands out for its versatility, so it is suitable for a variety of tasks. Among other positive qualities of monoculars, users name compactness, minimum weight and the ability to mount on the head or helmet. Modern models are complemented by special mounts that make it possible to fix them on a rifle. Also, the recently released monoculars will be a great addition to standard cameras. In most cases, hunters use this optic to search for prey. With its help, they inspect the surrounding area and notice any foreign objects, movement, eye gleam. In addition, monoculars are often used as a camera (if the devices have such a function), filming their own hunting and taking high-definition photographs.
  3. NV binoculars. All lovers of the classics are advised to use binoculars for night hunting. These devices are traditionally used by professionals to track down potential prey and inspect the surrounding area for the presence of dangerous animals. This optic is very easy to use. It allows you to observe the area with both eyes, which has a positive effect on the ability to see small details. An important feature of binoculars is their multiple magnification. It visually brings the hunter closer to the victim and helps to choose the best place to shoot. Modern models are characterized by higher resolution and the ability to capture even very weak light. They also have extended functionality, compared to outdated counterparts, which increases the efficiency of optics operation.
  4. NV glasses. When comparing gadgets suitable for night hunting, NV goggles will be the best by most criteria. They practically do not differ from standard glasses and have similar functions with other types of optics. The main advantage of this product is ease of use. It is worn over the eyes and easily fixed on the user’s head. Thanks to this, the hunter’s hands remain free, with which he can perform many different tasks (for example, move apart tree branches while walking, reload weapons, and much more). Most modern models are complemented by various functions. They also have an anti-reflective coating that improves visibility when observing objects located close to light sources. Goggles can be worn while hunting even with poor eyesight. For these purposes, the device provides the possibility of increasing the distance to the eyes. It allows users to wear contact lenses or eyeglasses prescribed by an optometrist.
  5. NV sights. A very convenient device for hunting in the dark is a night vision scope. It is installed on existing weapons, prepared and tested before being used in practice. Such optics make it possible to simultaneously observe the object of interest and find the optimal point for directing the bullet. Any “night” sights are complemented by an illuminated reticle. Its presence reduces the probability of a miss on the selected target, and also allows you to make adjustments depending on changing external conditions (for example, wind strength). Modern models differ from obsolete ones in their compactness and light weight. They do not create an excessive load on the barrel and do not lead to rapid hand fatigue during long aiming.
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In addition to all of the above, other devices may come in handy for a novice and experienced hunter. These include a smartphone/iPhone, navigator, compass. With the help of mobile gadgets, it will be possible to keep in touch with friends and relatives, as well as call rescuers for help in case of unforeseen situations. The navigator will be useful in unfamiliar places. It will help to find the right direction of movement and lead the hunter to a nearby settlement. If the navigator is discharged and becomes useless, then the compass will come to the rescue. This device will also indicate the best route and help you get to civilization.

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Special attention deserves such a simple device as a flashlight. It must be in a backpack not only at night, but also in the daytime. You can do a lot of important work with it. Its most common application is area lighting. At night, it will make movement safer and prevent accidental falls or collisions with tree branches. In case of trouble, a flashlight will be a good tool for sending a distress signal. Its light will help rescuers quickly find the victim and come to his aid in a matter of minutes. Another way to use a flashlight is self-defense. Its light, if it is bright enough, can scare away a dangerous predator, a meeting with a person with which can lead to serious trouble.

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Hunting after sunset is quite difficult, but interesting. This option of holding an event requires careful preparation and compliance with strict safety rules. In addition, a hunter in the dark will not be able to do without modern devices, many models of which have an affordable price and excellent performance. Such gadgets help you navigate the terrain, find animals faster and protect yourself in case of any danger. If you do not forget them at home, then you can fully enjoy the hunt and return home in the morning with good trophies.

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