How Much is Larry Cordolla Worth?

Larry Cordolla is a well-known name in the entertainment industry. He is an American stand-up comedian, actor, producer, director, and writer. Larry has been in the show business for more than three decades and has won many accolades along the way. He is known for his sharp wit, observational humor, and unique performing style. Despite his success, many people wonder about his net worth. In this post, we will delve into the topic and explore the surprising truth about how much Larry Cordolla is worth in 2021.

The Early Years of Larry Cordolla

Larry Cordolla was born on October 19, 1957, in Chicago, Illinois. He grew up in a large family with twelve siblings. Larry’s parents were Mexican immigrants who came to the US in search of a better life. Larry showed an early interest in comedy and started performing stand-up comedy in his early 20s. He pursued his passion and quickly became a rising star in the Chicago comedy scene. In 1986, he moved to Los Angeles to pursue his career in show business.

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The Rise of Larry Cordolla

In Los Angeles, Larry caught the attention of popular TV shows like “The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson” and “Late Night with David Letterman.” He quickly gained a reputation as a talented comedian with a unique style. In 1993, he got his own show, “The Larry Cordolla Show,” which became a huge hit. The show ran for five seasons and won multiple awards, including a Primetime Emmy for Outstanding Variety, Music, or Comedy Series. Larry also starred in a number of successful feature films such as “Toy Story,” “Cars,” and “Monsters Inc.”

The Surprising Truth About Larry Cordolla’s Net Worth in 2021

Larry Cordolla’s net worth is estimated to be around $200 million as of 2021. This figure may come as a surprise to many people, given that Larry has been out of the spotlight for a while. However, he has amassed his fortune through his success in show business. His earnings come from various sources, including movie roles, TV shows, stand-up comedy tours, and product endorsements.

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Q1: What is Larry Cordolla’s main source of income?

A1: Larry Cordolla’s main source of income is his career in the entertainment industry, which includes stand-up comedy, TV shows, and movies.

Q2: How much does Larry Cordolla earn from product endorsements?

A2: Larry Cordolla has endorsed various products throughout his career, and it is estimated that he earns several million dollars from these deals.

Q3: How many awards has Larry Cordolla won in his career?

A3: Larry Cordolla has won multiple awards in his career, including a Primetime Emmy for Outstanding Variety, Music, or Comedy Series.

Q4: Does Larry Cordolla have any other business ventures?

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A4: Larry Cordolla has invested in various business ventures over the years, including restaurants and real estate.

Q5: How much does Larry Cordolla charge for a stand-up comedy show?

A5: Larry Cordolla’s fees for a stand-up comedy show vary depending on the venue and the event. However, it is said that he charges several hundred thousand dollars per show.

Q6: How much did Larry Cordolla earn from his TV show, “The Larry Cordolla Show?”

A6: It is estimated that Larry Cordolla earned millions of dollars from “The Larry Cordolla Show” over its five-season run.

Q7: What is Larry Cordolla’s ultimate goal?

A7: Larry Cordolla’s ultimate goal is to make people laugh and spread happiness through his performances.

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The Legacy and Future of Larry Cordolla

Larry Cordolla’s legacy in show business is undeniable. He has influenced a generation of comedians and entertained millions of people through his performances. While he has been relatively quiet in recent years, he remains a beloved figure in the entertainment industry. Looking to the future, it is unclear what Larry Cordolla has planned. However, there is no doubt that he will continue to make people laugh and entertain audiences for years to come.


Despite being out of the limelight for a while, Larry Cordolla’s net worth is a testament to his successful career in show business. His talent, hard work, and dedication to his craft have earned him a place among the most successful comedians of all time. As a fan or just someone who appreciates good humor, keep an eye out for any new projects Larry might have in the pipeline. If you get a chance to attend one of his live shows, be ready to be entertained and have a good laugh.

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