Gaming is one of the most fantastic hobbies. It helps people to forget about daily routines. Also, you can visit any world you desire. You can feel yourself as a true hero or the worst villain. The opportunity to choose makes gaming the best hobby. If you enjoy feeling the adrenaline, you can always check out the Bizzo Casino. We are going to talk today about Shadow Warrior 3. Play fair and have fun!

Fun In The Game

You will smile at another joke, and jump from one platform to another. Use the grappling hook, and get into another arena with a lot of enemies. So, in front of you will be a regular yokai. Get 200 health and start skirmishes with other enemies, dodging local moles. You will clean the zone from enemies. During that moment the main character sings a song from the mid-90s in his own way. You will continue smiling and running to the next zone.

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Shadow Warrior 3 is a unique product for 2022. Games have become serious. In fact, they were almost never ironic, humorous, or joking. Yes, there was sarcasm, but very rarely. Almost always you will be playing for unshakable soldiers, heroes, chosen ones. They are not in the mood for jokes. They need to save the world, and the galaxy again, kill god, and save princesses. The adventures of the hero of Shadow Warrior 3 among these are a real circus and sur. It seems that right now this is a good opportunity to turn off thoughts and get distracted for a while.

There are jokes about superhero movies, about the platforming in DOOM Eternal, which many hated, and overall other modern trends. If we compare the game with other media, then this is “Scary Movie”, but only about video games. Plus, all this is in an Asian setting. The views here are simply incredible in places, you want to stop and enjoy the sunsets.

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How The Game Starts

It all starts with the fact that the main character runs in front of us in shorts and funny tells the story. It is about how the whole world was destroyed by a cursed dragon the size of a metropolis. Now we have one task. Somehow kill this creature, and this involves the mask of the protagonist. In fact, the plot here is secondary and just there. You need to treat it the same way. It’s just a framework for jokes.

The protagonist constantly comments on events, sometimes with a friend, and sometimes with other participants in the events. Most often, jokes are below the belt, but even they sooner or later begin to cause a smile.

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Between jokes and what no, but the development of the plot, we move from one arena to another. Yes, there are not only jokes about DOOM Eternal platforming but he himself in all its glory. Surprisingly, I had problems with it exactly twice. At the very beginning, you won’t understand where to be attracted by the hook-cat as soon as you receive it. Toward the end, there is a fragment that is rather crooked as if from the time of PS1. You need to roll through the snow on a platform while intercepting the points with a hook with a cat and managing to land back on the platform.

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And so there are double jumps, strafe, wall running, using vines as ladders, and a grappling hook. From all this, local platforming and moving around the level are built.


With the help of all these tricks, you can get to the arenas in which the main fun begins. The system is simple. There are enemies, you have weapons, and the adversaries need to be killed. They want to kill you. If you shoot at them, you can get health points, if you chop, then finishing points.

All these features turn battles into a very exciting tactic when you need to run around the arena. Monitor your health. Kill the right enemies in time, and remember to get bonuses from them. Everything is like in the new DOOM. There are a lot of types of adversaries. You can find it from ordinary soldiers to moles, fat men with machine guns, and others. There is even a homage to the explosive dudes from Serious Sam. They also yell vilely.

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All this turns into a great attraction. You fly through beautiful Asian-style levels, listen to nasty jokes, and mince enemies. You can still look for some secrets if you want to fully pump all the weapons, but you can do without it.


Overall, if DOOM Eternal and other shooters were not enough for you, then this is a great option for a couple of busy evenings. What’s more, we need to relax now.


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