Teal Sherer’s Net Worth: How Much Has the Actress Made?

Teal Sherer is a popular American actress known for her exceptional acting skills and fantastic roles in TV series. She has won the hearts of audiences worldwide with her natural talent, and her hard work and dedication towards her craft have taken her to the pinnacle of success.

But just how successful has she been, and how much is she worth? In this blog post, we’ll explore every detail about Teal Sherer’s net worth and answer some of the most frequently asked questions about her.

Who is Teal Sherer?

Before delving into her net worth, let’s learn about who Teal Sherer is. Born in 1980 in the United States, she is an actress with a decade’s worth of experience on her resume. She has acted in various TV series, independent films, and theater productions. She is best known for her portrayals of “Venom” on the online series “The Guild” and the character of “Ms. Lipstein” on AMC’s “The Walking Dead.”

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The Early Life of Teal Sherer

Teal Sherer has had a passion for acting from a young age. She was diagnosed with spinal muscular atrophy type 2 when she was just a toddler, which left her paralyzed below the shoulders. Despite this, she pursued her dreams of acting. She graduated from Millikin University with a BA in Theatre in 2002.

Teal Sherer’s Career

After graduating from university, Teal Sherer moved to Chicago and began pursuing theatrical performances before transitioning to on-screen work. She appeared on several TV series such as “My Gimpy Life,” “The Antagonist,” and “The Guild,” before landing a role on “The Walking Dead.” Meanwhile, she founded her own production company, so she could write, produce, and star in the series “My Gimpy Life.” Her career was filled with success, and she has won several awards for her work on both stage and screen.

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Teal Sherer’s Net Worth

According to reliable sources, Teal Sherer’s net worth is estimated to be around $2 million. Her income comes from her acting career, where she earns a substantial amount of money working in TV shows, independent movies, and theatre productions. Additionally, she brings in revenue from her production company, which is responsible for creating and producing successful shows like “My Gimpy Life.”

FAQs about Teal Sherer’s Net Worth

Q: What is Teal Sherer’s primary source of income?

A: Teal Sherer’s primary source of income is her acting career, which brings her a good amount of money.

Q: On average, how much does Teal Sherer earn per year?

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A: The average yearly income of Teal Sherer varies from $200k-$250k.

Q: Does Teal Sherer donate any amount of her earnings to charity?

A: Teal Sherer actively involves herself in charity work and has donated to several organizations supporting people with disabilities, including Easter Seals.

Q: What is Teal Sherer’s most significant commercial success?

A: Although she has worked on several successful shows, her most significant commercial success was “The Walking Dead.”

Q: Does Teal Sherer have any investment interests or businesses apart from acting?

A: Yes, Teal Sherer owns a production company that specialises in creating successful TV shows.

Q: What is the estimated value of Teal Sherer’s production company?

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A: The current estimated value of Teal Sherer’s production company is not known.

Q: Has Teal Sherer faced any setbacks in her career or earnings?

A: As far as we know, she hasn’t faced any significant setbacks in her acting career or earnings from the industry.


Teal Sherer is an inspiring actress, whose work reflects her devotion to the craft. Despite setbacks because of her disability, she pushed through and made her dreams of acting come true. Her net worth of $2 million shows her success and the rewards of dedication and hard work. We hope that this post helped answer any questions you have about Teal Sherer, her net worth, and her career.

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