Have you ever heard about TEFL? Well, if you have not, then read this article to know about it more. TEFL is the short term for ‘Teaching English as Foreign Language’. It’s a program for those living in nations where English isn’t the first language. In order to become an authorized teacher, there’s no specific certification. The credentials of the course are mainly dependent upon the country you wish to teach in. At Canterbury English, they believe in a Learn by Doing approach.

As a consequence, we’ve underlined the benefits of teaching English in Spain and Canterbury.

TEFL Spain’s Most Popular Program To Buy (Non-EU)!

TEFL Spain is one of the most popular programs these days across the globe for non-EU students. Hence, the most important points have been summarized below.

  • The cost of the program is 1600 euros. Work permit for 20 hours or more in a week.
  • The payable wage would be between 16 and 20 euros per hour.
  • If you wish to stay in Spain after a year, visa renewal will be done by Canterbury English free of cost. This step is being done to ensure that society keeps progressing.
  • Good news is that the second year will also be free (Other schools charge 2000€ for every year’s renewal)
  • In addition to that, not only first and second renewals are free but for a lifetime. It is like a one-time investment.
  • Help is available at every step of the process to ensure a student visa and a seamless transfer. Those who want to make a profession out of teaching English as a foreign language are given full support.
  • A ten-month Spanish education including online lessons and in-person cultural experiences is given(September-June).
  • Various amusing Garcia Lorca Spanish Club social activities and road trips. These events are carried out as a part of the integration program.
  • Students can enjoy lifetime benefits. Such as Assistance with legal paperwork, and accommodations assistance.
  • Canterbury has set aside a job for you.
  • During the Madrid Lifestyle course, you will become a member of the Canterbury English family. A true home away from home, as well as begin a connection that might lead to a long-term partnership.
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 TEFL Madrid

TEFL Madrid  is the course for you if you merely want to get an approved TEFL certificate. And also want to teach English with Canterbury in Madrid (optional) when you finish the certificate course.

  • A 120-hour on-site approved TEFL Certificate program is available in Madrid, Spain. Moreover, it also includes six teaching practice classes with real students and professional grading.
  • A professional TEFL instructor will grade the observation practice sessions.
  • The four intensive TEFL course weeks, from Monday to Friday, starting at 9:30 am until 3 pm (Friday starts at 10 am)
  • The learnings of the morning are practiced afterward in the afternoon. This helps to
  • There are 3 modules and 2 additional modules other than that in the course.
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To conclude the write-up, the TEFL program in Spain and Canterbury is a lifetime opportunity. If willing to, there’s nothing to stop from achieving success.

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