Are you looking for a guide for beginners for investing in crypto? The world is abuzz about cryptocurrency. The huge interest and the growing mining activity have pushed the value of digital assets much higher than what anyone expected just a decade ago. The current financial state of the globe is forcing people to discover new methods for investing their cash and cryptocurrencies appear to be the best choice for a lot of people.

There are however many markets and thousands of digital assets accessible at present, with new options coming out constantly. It’s becoming increasingly difficult to learn things done as a beginner and that’s why we’ve put together this tutorial to help you begin your journey into crypto trading on the right track.

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What is cryptocurrency?    

Cryptocurrency is a form of digital currency which doesn’t depend on an authoritative central authority to confirm transactions or to create new units. Instead, it is based on cryptography to stop counterfeiting.

Blockchain technology can be used to support cryptocurrency. Blockchains are blocks of data that can contain any information including transactions within a particular cryptocurrency. Each block of information makes an ad-hoc reference to the preceding block, forming the chain of blocks. The reference makes use of cryptography to make sure the chain is inviolable, so hackers are not able to alter the data.

How To Choose The Right Cryptocurrency To Invest In

It’s simple to hop onto any bandwagon simply because somebody said it’s worthwhile to invest in. But, it is important for you to do your own investigation. When you purchase cryptocurrency, remember that it has no intrinsic value. It’s merely the ownership of the digital asset.

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The crypto price is dependent on the public’s perception of its value, which is why you must be convinced of the worth of the currency you decide for investing in. How do you form your convictions? Conduct your own investigation. Do your research by reading white papers. You will get a better knowledge of how cryptocurrencies could gain value in the near future prior to making an investment decision.

Tips to Invest in cryptocurrency

1. Be aware of what you’re investing into

Like you would with any investment, you must know the investment you’re making. If you’re investing in stocks, be sure to look over the prospectus thoroughly and research the company carefully. Make sure to apply the same principles to cryptocurrency, because there are thousands of them. They operate differently, with new versions developed each day. You must be aware of the investment rationale behind each investment.

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The most well-known coins are DOGE, Ethereum, Cardano, and Kucoin. Solana is an extremely profitable coin, too. Before investing, be aware of the possibility of upsides and disadvantages. If your investment isn’t backed by a cash or asset flow, it may become worthless.

2. Start Purchasing Cryptocurrency

You can typically choose among a variety of cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin (BTC) or Ethereum (ETH). A single coin can be worth hundreds of dollars. But, many exchanges permit users to purchase a fraction of the value of a coin, making it cheaper for first-time investors. Similar to a stockbroker exchanges charge you for each transaction that you conduct.

3. Volatility Matters

Cryptocurrencies are highly risky investments. The crypto price can fall dramatically in a matter of seconds on an unsubstantiated report. Recently an unintentional tweet by Elon Musk boosted the Bitcoin price by a huge amount of dollars instantly. Investors who monitor price fluctuations in real-time are the most profitable trading experience with cryptocurrency. Investors who are new and don’t know how the system operates are at risk the most. The volatility of markets can quickly eat away at your investment portfolio, which is why you should make sure you invest your money with care.

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4. Manage your risk

If you’re trading any type of asset on a daily basis it is essential to take care of your risk as well, and this is particularly true for high-risk assets like cryptocurrency. If you’re a beginner in trading must learn how you can control risk and devise an approach that will help you minimize loss.

Top Cryptocurrencies for Beginner investors

A beginner investor in cryptocurrency doesn’t attempt to find a gem within the rough. It is best to start by experimenting with more established cryptocurrencies with networks built to help the investment. This will help you become more knowledgeable about the basics of investing in cryptocurrency and how it can fit in your portfolio.

  • Bitcoin

Bitcoin is a simple starting point. Every cryptocurrency exchange can support trading with Bitcoin. It’s well-established and you’re aware of what you’re getting when you use Bitcoin. It’s nothing extravagant, just digital money, however, it’s got a first-mover advantage that has seen it become widespread. This is what Bitcoin gives an edge in terms of being actually used as a means of exchange.

  1. Ethereum 

Ethereum is an excellent option for investors who are just beginning their journey. The ETH technology is the basis for many Defi-related projects which utilize Ethereum’s blockchain to run smart contracts and offer financial services without the need for a central authority. If a user wishes to add a smart contract to be stored on the ETH blockchain, they’ll need to pay Ether for the privilege of doing so. The increased use of Defi apps will result in a higher demand for Ether.

  • Kucoin

The third option for beginners is Kucoin which is a cryptocurrency exchange originally from China that moved to Hong Kong for a more suitable regulatory environment. It is renowned as user-friendly (great for newbies) as well as reliable and safe. KuCoin provides over 400 cryptocurrencies and tokens and is renowned as the first to adopt new digital currencies. People who want to explore new cryptocurrencies will likely appreciate this source.

READ MORE:  Buying Bitcoin and Building a Strong Portfolio - What Are the Basics?
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