While solar energy is as ancient as time, the vision of using solar energy to replace fossil fuels is quite new. But if this vision is to be actualized, then more solar systems have to be sold and installed.

Solar companies are saddled with the responsibility of making sure the majority of homes and other buildings are using this renewable energy. Sadly, closing a sale isn’t as easy as these companies would like them to be.

However, with some tips and good solar software, you can significantly boost your company’s sales. In this article, we will discuss some of these tips that can help you generate more leads for your solar business.

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Lead Generating Software

There are several types of software that you can use to generate leads for your business. They can help your business in several ways based on the one you choose to invest in.

Some are built specifically to increase and enhance your potential customer engagement online. You just need to configure the program to your website and then potential clients can tour the site and learn the process involved in adopting solar power. They’d learn how this renewable energy would be ideal for them. They can also learn the benefits they stand to gain from the tour.

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This way, you wouldn’t need to spend resources and time educating your potential clients about this renewable energy.

You can also invest in a calculator program that can be used to generate and even translate reports. Some programs are designed specifically to help you with system designs and proposals. The solar market is quite competitive and you can’t afford any delay when dealing with leads and closing deals.

Most times, homeowners request proposals from more than one company and most of these companies use software for their proposals. If you waste time, these companies due to the advantage they have over you (the programs they use) may get the contract while you are still trying to make your proposal.

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If you don’t use reliable programs to help you generate leads, you may realize one day that the rest of the market has left you behind. To prevent this, find out what you can about the solar software programs available and then choose one that you think fits your business better. You can check Solargraf to find out more about generating leads with software.

Marketing Tips to Help You Generate Leads For Your Solar Business

1. Make Your Website User-Friendly

Making your website aesthetically pleasing, properly organized, and easy to use can help you get more potential clients. You can even add a call-to-action on every page on the website.

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Making your prospect’s experience on your website smooth enough will make them stay on the site for long. The longer your prospects stay on your page, the more the search engine (especially Google) will believe your content is quite helpful. This will make Google move your site up and make it rank higher in search queries.

2. Email Campaign

When potential clients have gone through your site, you do not want the positive impression you have made on them to wear off. Instead, try building a relationship with them, but make sure you do this in a no-pressure, nonintrusive way.

But how do you achieve this? You want them to voluntarily provide their emails. But the sad thing is they may not want to do this except they would receive something in return. You could offer visitors to the site a free quote and consultation in exchange for signing up. The signup page typically should have a space for their email.

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Remember you are to reach out to them in the most no-pressure, nonintrusive way possible. So, put a box for them to check whether or not they’d like to receive emails. If (only if) they tick this box, then you need to first send them a welcome email.

You also need to make a campaign on how you’d be sending the emails. You can send them emails at least once every two weeks. The content of the email should be interesting and not overboard.

3. Social Media Campaign

While the website is vital to your marketing, you can further extend your reach via your social media platforms. Potential residential customers may use platforms like Instagram and Facebook, whereas, commercial clients may use platforms like LinkedIn.

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To maximize your social media campaign effects, you need to know the platform your target audience uses the most. When you know the platform to focus on, make a strategy that will suit the platform.

You have to post content on your accounts at least twice or thrice weekly. Blog posts, testimonials, and videos should make up the content.

4. Manage Your Business on Popular Review Sites

A lot of people tend to check reviews online before they make any big financial decision. So, managing your business on popular review sites like SolarReviews, Google My Business, and Yelp is very essential.

If a complaint comes up, ensure you respond to them fast. Also, ensure that the reply is as professional as possible. When you do this, potential clients will see that you are proactive and always ready to correct your mistakes.

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Another important aspect here is positive customers review. Your happy and satisfied clients should be able to leave positive comments about your business on these review sites. These positive reviews will not just increase your visibility by making your rankings on the site go up, but it’ll also make potential clients see that working with you will be great.

5. Hire an SEO Agency

If you are having a hard time handling your SEO efforts to generate leads, you can consider hiring an SEO agency to handle the task instead. A good SEO agency will offer you a great competent team that will be able to provide enough visibility for your brand via SEO. Visit https://www.entrepreneur.com/ to learn how to choose an SEO firm.

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Generating leads for your solar business isn’t a walk in the park. This task can be somewhat difficult and sometimes, generating leads doesn’t mean closing sales. However, the right solar software program(s) and other tips discussed in this article won’t just help you generate leads but will also help you close the deal.

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