In senior secondary education, students get a choice among three academic streams to select one as per their interests and future goals. The three stream choices provided are commerce, science, and humanities. Several students go for science and pursue either PCB or PCM subjects that are physics, chemistry, biology, or mathematics respectively.


After completing senior secondary learning, to get admission in undergraduate, postgraduate, and other diploma courses students appear for several science competitive exams such as NEET, JEE mains, advance, and more. For cracking such science competitive exams, effective preparation is very important. Let us discuss some effective tips that students can follow to prepare well for the competitive exams based on science streams.

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Preparation tips to crack science competitive exams 


To clear the science competitive exams that you are planning to appear for, effective learning and preparation are very important. This will help to face less exam stress, learn better and appear for the exams confidently. Let us discuss some tips in this regard.


  1. Start your preparation early


In the science competitive exams, students have to cover a vast syllabus. All the lessons that you learn in your eleventh and twelfth are asked in these exams. This means you have huge chunks of the syllabus to cover. If you start your preparation late, you won’t be able to complete the syllabus timely. Also, you will be stuck with last-minute learnings and left with no time to revise. Avoid this happening with you. And start your exam preparation early. This way you will complete the syllabus promptly and can manage to have effective revisions later.

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  1. Focus on maths from starting


In many science competitive exams, you have a section of quantitative aptitude. Maths in senior secondary classes are complex and cannot be understood and practiced effectively in a short period. You must make sure to focus on maths learning from the beginning itself. Make a timetable that includes revision of maths notes and practice sessions every day.


Effective maths skills will help in better preparation of physics and chemistry lessons too. As in both physics and chemistry, you have several applications,  derivations, and numericals that can be understood and solved correctly with good maths and calculation skills.

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  1. Take additional help


For some students preparing for subjects like physics, chemistry, biology, and mathematics become difficult to do alone. In this regard, taking additional help will work. Several coaching institutes help students in science competitive exam preparation. You can take regular classes from there or you can join crash courses as well. Crash courses are of one month or two months where you are taught and trained well for the science entrances.


  1. Solve sample papers


For effective preparation for science competitive exams, solving sample papers is of great help. Only learning and memorizing the lessons is not enough. Practicing different types of questions based on the concepts being learned is equally important. To check how well you are understanding and what more needs to be done for improvement in science skills, solving sample papers and previous year question papers is very helpful.

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Students must wind up with the syllabus timely so that they can manage enough time to solve and practice these papers.  By solving sample papers, students can get a proper idea of the exam patterns, language, and important topics too.


  1. Revise, revise and revise more 


As we discussed above, for most of the science competitive exams that you take after your senior secondary classes for admission in undergraduate courses, you have to prepare a vast syllabus. Only single-time learning of the lessons is not enough to understand and comprehend them for longer. To ensure that you understand, comprehend, and memorize the lessons longer and more effectively, revise as much as possible. Develop a learning schedule that helps you finish the syllabus timely and make enough time for revisions and more practice. This will surely help to hold a good command over science skills.

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Every year thousands of students appear for science competitive exams to crack the exams, pursue their dream courses and establish a successful future for themselves. To do so, effective learning and preparation play an important role. By following the above-mentioned tips that are starting the preparation early, studying maths regularly, solving sample papers, joining crash courses, and revising as much as possible, students can prepare for the exams better and more efficiently.

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