Whether you’re first timer or a seasoned professional, by now you are well aware that salon business management is no less than a directing a well-crafted play on stage, and that too on a daily basis.  The way it takes a particular sequence of acts to keep the storyline perfect, it takes streamlined flow of administrative processes to ensure smooth salon operations. But for salon owner or manager, whilst working on strategy and profitability, repeatedly directing the sequence of events and processes can be both daunting and exhausting. Thankfully, in today’s digital age, salon owners can easily leverage technology aka salon software to automate the processes and ensure quicker and efficient end of end operations.  So, read along to know how a salon business management software can help you manage your salon business operations.

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Anytime Appointments 

With clients being increasingly demanding, and the environment being extremely competitive, it is important that as a business you put your best foot forward. This means, meeting the client expectations as per their convenience. One of the ways to easily achieve this is to utilize technology, and empowering your business to be available for booking and confirming appointments instantaneously, and if required rescheduling appointments. A salon management software not only makes the entire process easy, but also ensures that it is error free. Additionally, with features such as upcoming appointment reminders, and last minute slots it software ensures that you have to deal with minimum no-show bookings. Zenoti salon management software has a great feature, which allows clients to complete the entire booking in just about 4 clicks, and get instantaneous confirmation. One of the oldest salon chains in UK, Pall Mall Barbers a renewed their customer experience with Zenoti’s salon management software and now reportedly get 80% of the bookings online.

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Employee Management

Often the trickiest part of managing a salon is employee management. From ensuring fair and equitable work distribution for optimal utilization of resource and error free payrolls to performance tracking and assessment, you got to do it all. A salon management software can easily help you run all the processes. The software creates individual profiles with their own unique appointments calendar, overall daily schedule such that you can easily track their working hours, performance, client feedback, sales performance, and compute error free payrolls in just a few clicks.

Track Inventory

An integral part of managing a beauty salon is to have a robust inventory management plan. How do you ascertain that you have adequate stocks to conduct the treatment but not as much stocks that you block your capital? A salon management software can easily keep a track of your inventory, and provide you with real time updates The best salon software will prevent you from manually counting your inventory and doing the mental math. It will allow the stylist and the technicians to input the quantity of product used or sold and then considering the lead time, alert you to order the replacement stocks. As a result, the salon management software helps you have an asset light inventory model for your salon.

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Instant Payments 

The era of cash was replaced by cards, and the era of cash is replaced with other instantaneous methods such as digital wallets, transfers, etc. A salon management software allows you to democratize your payment method to match it to the client’s preferred method of settling invoices. Moreover, as the salon management software also stores a complete client profile, including loyalty program details it allows you to configure automated encashment of loyalty points. Further, for new clients the software allows them to make use of gift cards, or put in referral discount. Thus, making the overall process extremely easy and convenient, along with saving your front desk staff with considerable time.

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Business Personalization 

The key to securing long term client is to provide personalized service. With almost every client expecting that businesses will accommodate all their whims and fancies, the task can be quite daunting, and particularly if it comes with no additional benefits for your salon. However, a salon management software can make the process easy. As the software stores each client’s purchase history it allows salon managers to study the data to send promotional deals and upsell products and services, which are likely to have higher acceptance and result in increased sales.

Superior Customer Experience

A salon management software ensures that you can easily provide your customers with an experience that is consistent, swift, and par excellence. With its streamlined process flow, the software helps you create a seamless experience for check-in, minimal wait time, service, invoicing, payments, and also collect feedback.

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Business Mobility

As mentioned earlier, a salon management system allows you to run multiple stores and have both individual store wise and unified view of the business. It practically eliminates your need of being present at every location. Whether it is managing sales, inventory or staff at any location, the software does it all for you. Software such as the one from Zenoti not only operates on a cloud based platform but also has superior features and can be easily scaled for multi store operations. Did you know that Enrich Salons, an Indian chain, scaled their operations to 54 stores with the help of Zenoti’s salon management software?

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Aside from the some above mention benefits, a salon management software can do much more, and we particularly love its reporting and analytics feature, which helps you delve deeper into your business and take data driven decisions.

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